Trimble TerraFlex: 10 reasons why you should consider it!

Although TerraFlex has been around for over 2 years, many of you may not know about it or realize everything it can do. Trimble has been continually improving and updating TerraFlex functionality and usability for the past few years and TerraFlex is now at a point where it is very refined and highly functional! Recently, … Read More »


The Importance of a GNSS Site Calibration

At CSDS, we continually strive to ensure our network is providing you with the utmost in RTK precision and repeatability. However, real-world accuracy and assurance can only be achieved by checking into control and, if necessary, a GNSS site calibration (aka “localization,” or transforming our network reference frame and corrections onto your own network of … Read More »


Maintain Equipment Regularly for Optimal Performance

It’s no secret that equipment serviced on a routine schedule outlasts equipment that is not. The practice, commonly referred to as preventive maintenance, is meant to avoid catastrophic failures and to help equipment perform better over its useful life. Yet, despite the many advantages of regular service, many companies still neglect their equipment and find … Read More »


The New Trimble R1 GNSS Receiver: Now you can turn your smartphone or tablet into an accurate GPS data collector

In the professional and industrial spheres, we have consistently seen consumer grade devices make their way into everyday use on jobs. Their ease of operability, multitude of applications, and small size has made smartphones, tablets, and small laptops invaluable business tools. Despite their many advantages, applying them to accurate locational data collection has always posed … Read More »


Unmanned Aircraft Systems: The Way of the Future

On December 10th, 2014, the FAA released a statement that granted exemptions for the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to four U.S. companies. Previously, UAS had not been approved for flight by the FAA. This approval marks historical change to how large companies conduct business from the air. In anticipation of this approval, this … Read More »