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Scanner Trimble GX 3D Scanner [TRM28989016]

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Scanner Trimble GX 3D Scanner [TRM28989016]

Trimble GX 3D Scanner for Spatial Imaging-Accurate Terrestrial Positioning Data for the Geospatial Industry

The Trimble® GX 3D Scanner for Spatial Imaging captures millions of coordinates very quickly. Record sub-centimeter, photo-realistic detail of every job to produce enhanced deliverables for colleagues and clients. The Trimble GX is ideal for users in surveying, and in the geospatial industry, and for applications such as:

  • monitoring the evolution of a work site
  • as-built diagnostics
  • historic restorations
  • crime scene forensics

Take advantage of the rich, point-cloud data captured by the Trimble GX with the Trimble RealWorks software. Extract and analyze areas of interest in the data in remarkable 3D.

Capture All the Points You Need, Not Just All the Points
With the Trimble GX 3D Scanner, you can collect millions of points for photo-realistic resolution, or just the number of points you need. Trimble® SureScanTM patented technology will maintain the equal user-defined density of points even for target objects such as roads and tunnels, where distances to points vary . You won't capture too many points at short distances and too few points at longer distances-you also won't capture measurements you don't need. SureScan makes both data collection and data processing faster.

An Easy-to-Follow Workflow
The Trimble GX is the first 3D laser scanner to follow the surveying workflow. It increases efficiency in traditional surveying, and creates opportunities in Spatial Imaging for surveyors.

To learn more, download the Trimble 3D Scanning for Surveyors white paper (pdf)


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