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Laser Rangefinder, LaserCraft Contour XLRic (Bluetooth) [LCTCONTOURBLUE]

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Laser Rangefinder, LaserCraft Contour XLRic (Bluetooth) [LCTCONTOURBLUE]

LaserCraft Contour XLRic Laser Rangefinder with Bluetooth

By integrating the LaserCraft Contour XLRic with GPS and a data collector, users can save time and money collecting offset information for difficult to reach targets. Or, they can use the built-in software functions to calculate: tree heights, slopes, areas, perimeters, missing line length, horizontal distances and more. With its integrated digital compass / inclinometer, the Contour XLRic is the total package for mapping and rough surveying. The Class 1 eye safe laser rangefinder accurately reports the distance, bearing and inclination to the selected target.

The unit's combination of accuracy and long range performance are unsurpassed. Successfully range to cables at 175 meters, telephone poles at 400 meters and trees / buildings at a whopping 800 meters. And don't let bad weather slow you down! Simply switch to "poor weather mode" and cut through fog, rain, snow and dust. Use the sturdy monopod / yoke accessory for stabilizing long distance shots or adding precision to inclination measurements.

All Contour models are equipped with a high power density NiMH battery pack, smart charger, and a durable, water resistant hard case.  Additionally, they are available in a platform mountable format (XLR-M Series) that replaces the handle with a mounting plate and an integral 9-18 VDC power cord. Each unit is covered by a one-year limited warranty. 


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