Trimble TX6/TX8 Laser Scanners

Trimble TX6  and Trimble TX8

New duo of Trimble laser scanners offer the right range and right price for nearly every need.

Setting new standards for performance and ease of use are two new Trimble® laser scanners – the Trimble TX6 and the Trimble TX8. Both offer high-speed collection of 3D data, but with a slightly different range and other key features.

The Trimble TX6 laser scanner is a cost-effective solution with a wide range of uses for building information modeling (BIM), virtual design construction (VDC), quality control, preservation and restoration, plant and industrial measurement, and public safety and forensics.

The Trimble TX8 combines speed, long range and precision to deliver high-quality results for civil engineering, surveying, plant and industrial measurement, mining and quarries, building and commercial construction, deformation monitoring and many other uses.

Key Features of Trimble TX6 and Trimble TX8

Both models share an impressive range of key features.

  • Fast, high-resolution scans in as little as three minutes.
  • Wide 360-by-317-degree field of view.
  • Data accuracy, clarity and richness with high-density 3D point clouds.
  • Fast image capture to colorize scans with VISION™ technology.
  • Intuitive and easy to operate.
  • Data integration with Trimble survey instruments and Trimble Realworks software.

A key difference between the two models is range. The Trimble TX8 maintains its high precision over the entire range of 120 meters, with an optional upgrade that extends the range to 340 meters. The Trimble TX6 operates at a range of 80 meters, with an optional upgrade to 120 meters.

Using Trimble’s patented Lightning technology, each model captures precise data at high speed over its full measurement range. And since Trimble Lightning technology is less susceptible to variations in surface types and atmospheric conditions, you can capture complete datasets from each station.

How Does It Work?

The color touchscreen display and one-button scanning make data capture easy
and efficient. The intuitive interface lets you quickly manage scan resolution and define scan areas. You can also operate the scanner remotely with a Trimble tablet or other mobile device via integrated WLAN.

To colorize scans, an integrated camera can quickly take full field-of-view HDR images in just two minutes from each station.

These laser scanners streamline work in the office with clean, low-noise data that reduces processing time. Data loads directly into Trimble RealWorks® and Trimble Scan Explorer, enabling project collaboration via Internet Explorer. Paired with RealWorks, these scanners also provide efficient data flow into popular CAD programs, Trimble EdgeWise and SketchUp, for point cloud modeling.

Designed for mobility, each scanner weighs just 11 kg and is powered by lightweight, long-life lithium ion batteries.

Call CSDS at 800-243-1414 to find out more about the Trimble TX6 and TX8 laser scanners, and which model is right for your business.