How a medical device maker became 30X more productive with HP Latex Printers

We didn’t know it then, but in 2016 our HP latex printers were about to have an enormous impact on one of our customers.

Questioning Assumptions

Since 2004, the company had been making its medical devices by hand in China. They had been under the assumption that sourcing from China had to be the cheapest way possible due to lower labor costs.

That all changed after one of their engineers began consulting with a CSDS printing specialist. She saw the potential gains from bringing their process in-house with digital latex printers from HP. Although their product was made from a soft fabric-like material (Tyvek 1443R), tests proved that the ink looked great and didn’t rub off.

The Bottom Line

By moving their production from China and bringing their process in-house, they reduced their costs by half, bringing expenses down from $2 to just $1 per device. Third party printing and cutting services from print houses would’ve cost them a whopping $15 to $45 per device!

Even better, the printing only required one operator, took very little time and didn’t need much maintenance. Since they were producing tens of thousands of devices each year, this had an immediate and significant impact on their bottom line.

Reducing their Chinese expenses also enabled them to create local jobs by hiring 12 more people. Their lead-time went from 9 months down to just 1 week, reducing their turnaround time by over 30X.

New Abilities with HP Latex Printers

The outcome was a huge relief for all involved, especially their marketing department. Instead of dealing with colors that varied from lot to lot, they were finally able to get consistency. Their ability to rapidly produce prototypes enabled them to quickly test out new designs and fonts. Printing finally became the easy part of their workflow, as opposed to being the bottleneck.

Now that they could make changes by simply editing their digital files, they could do enhanced customizations. For instance, their registered trademark symbol was originally small and illegible. Now their new latex printers enabled them to create a clear and visible “®” image on their devices.

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