10 reasons why Graphics professionals love latex printers

latex printer

Why would you want a latex printer?

When graphics professionals need to promote their businesses, a latex printer is usually the first solution they think of. That’s because latex prints are both eco-friendly and damage-resistant, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Here are the top 10 reasons why graphics professionals love them:


#1 Versatility

Latex printing is a great place to start when you’re looking for ways to increase profits at your graphics business. It’s capable of serving several applications, including:

• Signage

• Banners

• Displays

• Window Graphics

• Vehicle Wraps

• Wallpaper

• Decorations

• Point-of-Purchase Displays

• Posters

• Exhibition Graphics

• Window Clings

• Package Prototypes

• Stickers

• Billboards

• Labels

• Customizable Clothing

• and much more…


#2 Compatibility

Not only does latex printing serve diverse applications, it’s also capable of printing on an incredibly wide range of media substrates, including 500+ materials ranging from papers to vinyls and fabrics. HP also provides a comprehensive list of all HP Latex-compatible media along with finished color profiles and printer settings in the HP PrintOS Media Locator.


#3 Profitability

Latex printing lets you unlock new revenue streams by expanding your services to include high-value applications such as decoration prints. You can also keep your printing costs low and save time with double-sided printing and automatic printer maintenance. Latex printers have lower maintenance costs than eco-solvent printers, which is just one of many reasons why they’re the industry favorite among graphics professionals.

HP latex printers also help you grow your signage business by delivering high-quality prints on the same day.

They have odor-free inks that print out on media dry and ready-to-use, allowing you to design wall coverings for places like hospitals and daycare centers, where toxic eco-solvent inks would be unwelcome.

Where other printers are prohibited, you’re able to diversify and serve a wide range of applications, including customizable clothing, floor graphics, wall decals, window graphics, vehicle graphics, labels, stickers and more.

If you’re a sign shop in any of the following situations, then you can’t afford to overlook latex printing:

  • You want to improve your color and outdoor graphics
  • You want to produce labels and stickers from print to cut
  • You’re considering purchasing a new Outdoor Printer or Vinyl Cutter


#4 Speed

Unlike solvent printers, latex prints come out dry which allows you to accept jobs and deliver on the same day. This enables latex printers to turn jobs around up to 40% faster than eco-solvent printers.


#5 Eco-friendliness

HP’s odorless, water-based latex inks are accepted in places where toxic solvent inks would be unwelcome such as home, restaurants, retail, and hospitals. This means that a latex printer will allow you to work on more jobs, unlike toxic solvent printers which would be denied due to health concerns related to poor indoor air quality.


#6 Lifespan

Scratch-resistant latex inks create outdoor signs that can last up to five years when laminated or three years unlaminated.


#7 Quality

With up to 1200 dpi resolution available, a latex printer can help your business ensure the professional print quality that your customers demand.


#8 Efficiency

With latex printers, there are helpful features available such as automatic, uninterrupted printing that gives you updates on ink levels, printer alerts and print job progress. You can also double your speed when using HP’s true print and cut solution with an automatic X-axis cutter.


#9 Convenience

With the HP Signage Suite, you can produce applications without the need for design skills.

The new HP Latex Overcoat gives you easy lamination, high adhesion and scratch resistance.

The HP Print OS application allows you to manage any number of jobs from submission to shipment, collaborate with partners and colleagues, and discover new opportunities for growth. Access the open, secure cloud-based platform anytime, anywhere.

The HP Wallart Suite provides web apps that can easily be integrated into your website for customers. Create, edit, and simulate the custom room layout with personalized wall coverings, canvas, posters, decals and more using your own personalized content.


#10 Durability

HP latex inks provide high adhesion and outstanding scratch resistance that allows you to assemble and cut without chipping and to laminate with ease.


Bonus: Reliability

With over 30 years of service to Graphics and Sign professionals and the most experienced team of HP large-format service technicians in California, CSDS is uniquely qualified to analyze your workflows to find the best solution for your company’s needs. Contact us today to learn why we are the leader in large-format printer installation, training, support and maintenance.


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