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Layout Pro

If you’re still using traditional methods of Construction Layout, then your life is about to change forever.

What if I told you that you never had to use batter boards again? That’s right: no more string lines and no more pulling tape.

Imagine all the time and money you’d save and how much more productive you could be.

Not only would you eliminate the human error from your layout measurements, but you’d also remove a major inconvenience and inefficiency from your workflow.

You could shift your energy away from low-priority tasks and towards the important activities that truly create value for your company.

You’d have an advantage over your competition that would take you to the next level of speed and cost-effectiveness.


Batter boards for traditional Construction layout


How’s all of this possible? It starts with the Layout Pro software from Spectra Precision.

This solution makes construction layout faster and more accurate than ever before with:

  • Quick and easy plan entry
  • Simple instrument setup
  • Simple calculation tools
  • Clear and usable map screens
  • Plan editing
  • Access from a data collector or onboard

You can do everything including entering your blueprint dimensions, building a digital replica of the layout plan, laying out the points, and calculating diagonals and angles.


Layout Pro Field

Layout Pro Field software provides simple methods for entering a building plan straight from the blueprint. With just two known points on the site, you can setup and start laying out points. It’s that easy. Take designs from drawings to the field with total stations or data collectors, and carry out fast and easy layout of all your site work.



Focus 35: The One-Person Job Solution

With a Bluetooth wireless connection to a Focus 35 robotic total station, only one person is needed to layout an entire site – and it can be done in a fraction of the time that it would take with string lines and tape measures!

The Focus 35 increases the speed and efficiency of layout by controlling the functions of the total station from the prism pole, allowing you to lay out your job site blueprint on the go.



Compatible with Multiple Types of Equipment

Layout Pro also allows you to control your total station remotely using a Ranger 3 data collector with built-in radio. Set up the instrument, connect to it with the radio, and you’re ready to layout points. The on-screen real-time display will guide you directly to each point.

Ranger 3 data collector


Convenient and Practical

With Layout Pro Field, you can make minor adjustments to the building position as needed without waiting or paying subcontractor fees. You can also lay out lines faster, more cost-effectively, and more accurately than with tape and a theodolite.

Collaborate with your team! This field software allows you to check the work of others and create documentation for change orders when necessary. It also enables you to take control of your project by sending and receiving design updates and progress data without waiting on a third party specialist.

Layout Pro

Focus 35 robotic total station


The Focus 35 is available in 1″, 2″, 3″ or 5″ accuracies and can also be controlled externally with the Spectra Precision Nomad data collector.

Nomad data collector


Layout Pro Office

Layout Pro Office software makes it easy to create a digital replica of your construction blueprint in the office before you do the layout on the job site. Its user-friendly design and compatibility with AutoCAD files makes preparing blueprints more efficient than ever.

Maximizes Office Productivity

While you’re still in the office, you can use simple tools to perform distance, angle, and area computations. You can also create your construction points from AutoCAD DXF files and upload them to Layout Pro Field, which has the same basic tools.

User-friendly Interface

  • Standard view controls provide access to common functions for fast, easy operation.
  • Multiple point selection gives you maximum control to select points.

Imports Different File Types

For added versatility in the office, this Layout Pro Office supports importing AutoCAD DWG and DXF files for creating layout points:

  • DWG is the standard AutoCAD drawing file format
  • DXF allows users to exchange drawings between different CAD and graphics programs

Layout Pro Office can also import and export text files that contain a list of points and coordinates for use in other programs.


Next Steps

If you’d like to try Layout Pro Field or Layout Pro Office, click here to schedule a demo and a CSDS Construction Technology Specialist will contact you to set up a meeting.

Still have questions? E-mail us at or call 800-243-1414 to ask a question or request a quote.


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