How to Merge and Unmerge Points in Trimble Business Center

merge points in TBC

This is a quick video demonstrating how to merge points and unmerge (explode) points in TBC. A special thanks to Caltrans and CA State Parks for the question.

To Merge Points

  1. Click and drag to select your points
  2. Click and drag again to highlight your lines. Your screen will show “15 objects selected” at the top right.
  3. From the top menu, select Point > Merge Points
  4. From the right menu, choose your Final Point and your Selected Points. Click OK.
  5. Your selected points will now be merged into your Final Point.

To Unmerge Points

  1. Select the drop-down list of the point from the Project Explorer in the left menu
  2. Select your original point and rename the Point ID (ex: change from “33” to “33a”)
  3. Repeat the process and give your original Point ID a different name (ex: change from “33” to “33b”)
  4. Click the red sphere at the bottom of the screen to compute your project
  5. You have now gone from one point (“33”) to three points (“33”, “33a”, and “33b”)

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About Trimble Business Center

Designed for today’s fast-paced surveying office, Trimble Business Center is powerful data processing software that unlocks the potential of optical, GNSS, and imaging survey data. Now with flexible licensing options and powerful visualization and modeling tools, Trimble Business Center is as versatile as it is powerful.


  • Edit, process, and adjust optical, GNSS, and imaging survey data.
  • Import data straight from the field and begin working with it immediately.
  • Quickly and easily edit RTK and total station data.
  • Interface with design, drafting, and GIS systems
  • Compatible with Trimble’s suite of GNSS, optical, and UAS solutions
  • Flexible licensing options (Base, Complete and Advanced editions) and optional add-on modules (Photogrammetry)

A Powerful Survey Data Office Software Suite

As the desktop component of Trimble’s suite of survey solutions, Trimble Business Center provides you with the capability to efficiently edit, process, and adjust your survey data with confidence.

Supported Workflows

  • Control Surveying: Confidently produce reliable control coordinates for the span of the entire project.
  • Field to Finish: Easily create CAD-ready deliverables directly from survey data.
  • GIS Feature Collection: Expand the utilization of your survey systems by creating GIS deliverables for your clients.
  • Construction Staking: Assure that staking projects are performed correctly and recorded for verification.
  • Integrated Aerial and Terrestrial Photogrammetry: Process complete mapping projects that include aerial imagery, Trimble VISION imagery, and GNSS and total station observations.

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