The Right Tool for the Job: Creatively Approaching Old Problems with New Products and Technologies

New Technologies

Everyone knows that one of the most important things about bidding on a job is being able to deliver the promised result. As a lawyer, engineer, doctor or contractor, you are hired because of your knowledge, expertise and reliability. A big part of what makes up these elements is the tools you use to get from points A to Z.

One of the challenges in an ever-expanding technological landscape is staying abreast of what new products may be available that will save time and money on a job. A second notable challenge may be in how different tools are marketed. Something could be just around the corner, ready to make your life easier but is being marketed to an entirely different industry—never making it onto your radar. The potential savings lost in both time and manpower makes this a concern for any business.

Recently, we were paid a visit from Shane Chang of BMH Equipment, Inc. BMH sells and installs large mobile shelving systems for warehouses and other large industrial spaces. Originally, Shane and the crew from BMH were determining the suitability of a warehouse floor for a shelving system using tools which could not measure the specifications needed for the full space. Their solution was to measure the warehouse in pieces, hoping that the final result would be accurate enough to make an informed recommendation to the business they were working with.

When Shane expressed the challenges they had been facing, he was referred to a CSDS Construction Technology Specialist, who matched the job to a surveying tool (the Trimble RTS655 Robotic Total Station) that could map the area and its specs within a matter of hours, rather than days. Prior to this, BMH would not have thought that a surveying tool could be applied to their warehouse measuring assignment. The outcome of their having the RTS655 was that they saved a staggering 80% on data entry time alone, with another 70% saved in projected man hours.

For the full details, click here to read the complete BMH customer story.

When you open up your toolbox, it is important to evaluate the following:

  1. Are you able to deliver a bid without losing time and money in the assessment phase?
  2. Are you able to deliver information to your customer in a way that they can understand?
  3. Are you able to deliver the promised result, in the promised timeframe?

If your toolbox is looking a little shallow, or you are looking for ways to become more efficient on any of these points, it might be time to take a look around for some new technology. Having access to an increased arsenal may allow you to become more competitive both in bids and final pricing.

As a supplier and distributor, we are concerned not only with who is buying the products that we stock, but also with how they are being used. Creatively approaching old problems with new products that have multiple uses is a goal that we carry into our customer interactions. With so many available products and tools, having the right piece of equipment in your back pocket is a decided advantage. It is this advantage that we hope to bring to each of our customers when they walk into one of our stores. Our goal is to not just sell products, but to increase knowledge of available tools and technologies that might make your life a little easier.

If you have come up with a creative solution to an old or persistent challenge, we would love to hear from you. Or, if you have an issue you think we may be able to match with the right tool to overcome it, stop in and let’s have a conversation. We welcome your comments and the opportunity to help you grow your business and gain the technological edge over your competition. 
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