Affordable High-Precision Mapping with Trimble Catalyst

Trimble Catalyst

Once upon a time, professional-grade mapping solutions were too expensive for people who weren’t heavily invested in GNSS. Thanks to Trimble Catalyst, infrequent users can now access high-precision mapping solutions at prices that are truly affordable for everybody with on-demand subscription plans.


Type of Mapping Solution Example
On-Demand Trimble Catalyst
All in One Geo7X
BYOD Trimble R1 & Trimble R2


Trimble Catalyst makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to get centimeter-level GNSS accuracy right on your Android phone or tablet:

1. Choose your Trimble Catalyst app.
2. Plug the Catalyst DA1 antenna into your Android phone or tablet’s USB port.
3. Select a subscription based on your accuracy needs.


trimble catalyst subscription plan


Trimble Catalyst Requirements

The Trimble Catalyst is an easy, affordable solution – particularly for people who may need GNSS only a couple of months out of the year. To build Catalyst, Trimble took its core GNSS technology that runs on a dedicated hardware chip and turned it into a software service that can run inside an app on your phone.

In addition to the app, the only equipment you need is a $350 DA-1 antenna. It’s small enough to fit in your glove box and plugs right into your phone.

trimble catalyst antenna


The On-Demand Payment Plan

The cost of the on-demand service depends on the level of accuracy you need. Your monthly subscription comes with several options including meter, sub-meter, sub-foot, and “precision,” which is at the centimeter level.

In a way, the payment plan is similar to renting the service while owning the hardware. This arrangement really opens up the door for a whole new segment of users.




That being said, the Catalyst is never going to be a replacement for the higher-level mapping solutions. Anyone who is heavily invested in GNSS and uses it in their everyday work life would still want to own a full GNSS system because paying for an on-demand system adds up over time.

If you only need to do occasional checks and balances, it’s a great tool that you could outfit all of your trucks with in order to reassess assets out in the field.



The Trimble Catalyst gives mapping professionals the ability to afford a high-precision GNSS solution without being heavily invested from a dollar standpoint.

For more information, call 800-243-1414 to ask a question, request a quote, or receive a product demonstration.

Our Mapping & GIS specialists in the Bay Area, San Diego, Sacramento, and Los Angeles can help you find the right solution for your application today.


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