How Trimble’s SX10 hybrid technology & CSDS’s law enforcement experience provide versatility for forensics investigators

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The use of 3D scanning is on the rise among crime and forensics investigators: in a recent POB study, 70% of respondents saw a growth in demand for 3D scanning.

One reason for its sudden gain in popularity is the fact that 3D scanning provides a permanent record that can then be analyzed and used in court.

“With 3D laser scanners, you are measuring and documenting absolutely everything, so your entire scene is preserved exactly as it was,” says Ryan Zukowski, a state trooper for 22 years and part of the Wisconsin State Patrol Technical Reconstruction Unit.

To address this rising demand Trimble has introduced the SX10, a revolutionary solution that integrates both total station and 3D scanning technology. The combining of data from multiple sensor types or technologies into one solution, known as “sensor fusion,” can generate more useful data which can improve productivity and expand capabilities.

“You can’t argue with data and technologies that are proven to be so accurate,” says Zukowski. “As tools diversify, getting data from two different kinds of tools in one helps us present the facts of the case in a more complete way.”

Another one of the great benefits of the SX10 is the diversity of the applications that it can serve for forensics investigators.

Jack Taylor, the Accident Reconstruction/CSI Technology Specialist at CSDS, had originally planned to demonstrate the SX10’s ability to document the victim recovery and property damages caused by the Camp Fire.

Instead, he received an emergency request that would reroute him to investigate an officer-involved shooting in which a police canine had been killed and shell casings had been left in the area.

In Butte County Police Department‘s time of need, the versatility of the SX10 solution was powerful enough to provide forensics investigators with exactly what was required for both situations.

After just one phone call, Jack was there to help the next work day, changing his focus from fire recovery support to an officer-involved shooting without missing a beat.

As permanent equipment was being rushed for delivery, he arrived on the scene with loaner equipment to keep them operational. In the meantime, the Butte County PD never lost their workflow.

Whether your forensics investigators want a total station to precisely diagram a traffic crash or a 3D scanner to document a crime scene, the Trimble SX10 scanning total station has solutions for both situations.

This hybrid forensics technology even works in environments where a traditional total station alone wouldn’t be effective, including situations when analysts don’t yet know what evidence is valuable at the scene.

Plus, it has the potential to improve officer safety by helping forensics investigators clear scenes more quickly, performing a typical high-density scan in just a few minutes.

If you think the SX10 may be right for your department, contact CSDS at 800-243-1414 to ask a question, request a quote, or receive a product demonstration. One of our Forensics specialists will be in touch with you to share their expert guidance on how to best meet your company’s needs.

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