How the World’s most secure PC protects your Data

the world's most secure PC from HP

It’s not easy to defend against cybersecurity threats.

That’s why 70% of organizations have suffered at least one security breach due to human error.

Just last year, several high-profile companies were victims of major cyber attacks, including:

  • Equifax
  • Uber
  • Yahoo!
  • Virgin America
  • Deloitte
  • Etherium
  • Dun & Bradstreet

If that weren’t bad enough, the trend is only getting worse:

  • Cyber-attack volume doubled in the first half of 2017.
  • Global cyber crime costs jumped 20% last year to $11.7M per business.
  • Breaches involving a compromised user’s device have more than doubled in the last 6 years.
  • In Q1 2017, new malware emerged every 4.2 seconds.

In this kind of climate, every PC decision you make is also a security decision.

That’s why HP has created the world’s most secure PC to help keep companies like yours safe. Their built-in security systems automatically keep you protected, so that you can stay focused on doing your job.


HP’s Cybersecurity Defenses: The World’s Most Secure PC

Security threats target every level of your computer system, including:

  • hardware
  • firmware
  • software
  • manageability infrastructure


The Hardware

The most secure PC component is the hardware, which is why it’s been the foundation of HP PC security since 2014.

HP Endpoint Security Controller

Enables self-healing, manageable solutions that are independent of the BIOS and tamper-resistant. This extends hardware-enforced protection into the Operating System, building a chain of trust.

The end result is cyber-resilient protection against unexpected attacks, including malware of the future.



Device security starts with the BIOS, which is the first million lines of code that run when you turn on your computer.

Once it gets corrupted, the hackers “own” your PC and all other protection is useless. Antivirus, anti-malware, and OS firewalls will not detect an infected BIOS!

HP Sure Start Gen4

The only self-healing BIOS, which defends against firmware attack and disrupts malware persistence, preventing an attack after a reboot. Run-Time Intrusion Detection allows only HP code to run, preventing malicious code from executing.


The Operating System

HP Sure Run

Provides self-healing protection to your Operating System by restarting the PC automatically if malware disables your firewall or anti-virus software.

HP Sure Recover

Restores devices to the latest OS image, protecting you from malware and allowing you to recover from a blank or wiped hard drive.

HP Sure Click

Secure browsing solution that keeps web malware from breaking in and infecting your PC – just close the browser tab, and the malware is gone!


Visual Hacking

Did you know that 91% of visual hacking attempts are successful and that 52% of sensitive information is visually hacked?

Don’t worry, HP has a solution. They don’t call it “the world’s most secure PC” for nothing.

HP Sure View Gen2

  • The world’s only integrated PC privacy screen
  • Protects against visual hacking at a 45 degree angle, allowing you to work freely in public spaces without looking over your shoulder



Manageability Infrastructure

HP Multi-Factor Authenticate Gen2

  • fingerprint
  • password
  • optional facial recognition: login with a look

HP Device Access Manager

Allows you to control who is authorized to access files and programs by limiting access to drives and ports.

HP Image Assistant

Allows you to compare your HP factory image to your corporate image in order to uncover the latest drivers, components, and BIOS updates.

HP Manageability Integration Kit Gen2

The first-ever certified Microsoft SCCM plug-in. It allows you to enforce company security policies with ease.

The kit includes image creation, security management, and BIOS management capabilities to help ensure that every PC stays protected.


Protect, detect, and recover with HP’s security solutions

The elite security features mentioned in this post are available on select PC and notebook models, including the HP EliteBooks, HP ElitePCs, and the Pro 600+ lines. These features are not supported on HP Chromebooks.



Our Mobile Workstation family includes:

Good The HP ZBook Studio X360 G5
The world’s most powerful convertible PC has an innovative 360-degree hinge design that lets you switch from laptop mode to tablet mode, so that you can work on your biggest projects while also showcasing your designs. It handles large files and runs multiple apps with speed and responsiveness, so you can seamlessly edit or render high-res images without lag or delay.

Experience one billion vibrant colors on the world’s brightest 4K laptop, with an HP DreamColor 4K anti-glare display that’s 20% brighter than Apple MacBook Pro and 50% brighter than Dell XPS.

HP’s most secure mobile workstation protects your work with industry-leading security features like fingerprint reader, facial recognition and HP Sure View which activates a privacy screen at the touch of a button.

Better The HP ZBook 15V G5
As HP’s most affordable workstation, this high-performance laptop packs a punch at a low cost. With high speed processors and graphics certified for peak performance, you’ll get the job done on time without breaking the bank.

Get lightening-fast response times, even when running multiple apps at once. Speed up your rendering time and access large files quickly. Designed to pass rigorous military-standard tests including drop, shock and harsh environments, this laptop enables you to take your work on the road with the confidence that it was built for durability.

Industry-leading security protects your confidential files with Sure Start G4, HP’s hardware-enforced self-healing protection that automatically recovers your BIOS.

Best The HP ZBook 17 G4
The world’s most powerful mobile workstation delivers the performance of a desktop with the freedom of a laptop. Experience relentless performance when editing multiple streams of content, manipulating complex data and developing in virtual reality on location.

Designed for demanding workloads. Made for mobile creative and design professionals with the most demanding projects, where compromise is simply not an option.

With up to 50 million different configurations, HP’s most expandable laptop can be customized to meet any demand. When your technology needs to evolve, you can upgrade in seconds without any tools required.

Protect your confidential work with industry-leading security features. A swipe of a finger closes the shutter on the HP Privacy Camera, and a touch of a button activates HP Sure View privacy screen to protect against visual hacking.


Our Desktop Workstation family includes:

Good – The HP Z2 Mini G4 Workstation is the world’s quietest and most powerful mini workstation, with industry-leading visual computer performance and whisper-quiet operation during heavy workloads. As the world’s only mini workstation with six core Intel Xeon Processors, you can deploy it in mission-critical environments with confidence.

Get powerful protection from evolving malware threats with HP’s self-healing, hardware enforced security solutions. Plus, easily manage multiple devices with HP Manageability Integration Kit.

Better –The HP Z240 Tower G4 Workstation
is the world’s most powerful entry workstation, designed to tackle complex workloads like BIM and rendering. Equipped to handle demanding 3D projects, its high clock speeds gives users full, unthrottled performance – even with the heaviest workloads.

As the world’s most expandable entry workstation, it’s also designed to grow with you to meet your ever-changing workload requirements.

Best –
The HP Z4 G4 Workstation is the world’s most customizable entry workstation. Designed for 2D/3D design and drafting, this SolidWorks and AutoCAD-approved desktop gives users seamless, reliable performance not available in business-class PCs. Visualize your project anytime by moving seamlessly between 3D CAD, rendering and simulation applications with real-time, smooth performance on graphics-intensive work.

As HP’s best-selling performance workstation, it is also out-of-the box optimized for leading VR engines, allowing VR developers to bring their content to life with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080.

Cloud computing can’t compare with local Z Workstation power when you need real-time interaction, low latency and top-notch security on massive data sets. Advanced security features come standard on every Z Workstation, making this the most secure PC family in the world. Rest assured your data is safe with HP Sure Start, the industry’s first self-healing BIOS with intrusion detection.


Learn More about the World’s Most Secure PC family

Would you like to significantly improve your data security? Is a lack of awareness leaving your company exposed to malicious cyber attacks?

Call CSDS at 800-243-1414 or click here to request a quote on the world’s most secure PC.

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  1. We are in need of a new PC as ours is very outdated. This is for home personal use, not a business. However, we need security for info needing to be entered. Do you offer PC for this type of usage? If so, where can I check them out without being bombarded by sales personnel that aren’t knowledgeable?

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