SP20 image

SP20 Success with the City of Woodland

Daniel Hewitt shares his perspective as a GIS Analyst on how the new SP20 data collector from Spectra Precision has simplified his organization’s workflow, instantly making them faster, more accurate and more productive. How has the SP20 made you more productive? Within hours of getting the device in my hand, I was able to setup, … Read More »

Technical printer

Technical printer benefits for CAD & AEC professionals

Whenever fast, high-accuracy prints are a must, CAD professionals will use a Technical Printer to get the job done. Commonly known as a “plotter” in the AEC industry, a technical printer is often the preferred solution when it comes to printing technical drawings, where its high-resolution images is a major factor. In order to achieve … Read More »

Seafloor Systems Hydrographic survey solutions

Hydrographic (On-Water) Surveying with Seafloor Systems

What do you do when your topo survey meets water? If you’ve ever needed to study water depths in a lake, river, or stream, then hydrographic survey is the way to go. Seafloor Systems has modern, survey-grade, sonar equipment for your on-water data collection needs. As Trimble and Seafloor Systems experts, CSDS provides solutions that … Read More »

3D Scans of Sutter's Fort

Taking 3D Scans of Sutter’s Fort

Taking 3D Scans at the 2018 Digital Heritage Conference In July of last year, Paul Veisze, California Department of Parks and Recreation’s Geographical Information Officer, invited me to participate in the 2018 Digital Heritage Conference during the weekend of October 26. He was interested in continuing a project that I had started when I first … Read More »

10 reasons why Graphics professionals love latex printers

Why would you want a latex printer? When graphics professionals need to promote their businesses, a latex printer is usually the first solution they think of. That’s because latex prints are both eco-friendly and damage-resistant, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Here are the top 10 reasons why graphics professionals love them: … Read More »