When it comes to choosing the right GIS Mapping system,
there are several factors to consider.

CSDS MGIS Receiver head-1030px

1) On-Demand — Trimble Catalyst provides a user-based service, that delivers “professional-grade positioning” to the masses on-demand, using a monthly, or even hourly subscription plan, delivering accuracies capable of meter to centimeter accuracy, right from your phone or tablet (currently only supports Android)

2) BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)—  A flexible and interchangeable solution, that allows the user to choose the device they want to pair to their GNSS receiver – providing a custom, professional-grade solution on any mobile or desktop platform (i.e. iOS, Android, Windows)

3) All-in-One — Purpose-built GNSS handhelds, with Android and Windows operating systems, that create a dedicated solution perfectly fit for the task at hand. Includes all of the “bells and whistles” such as laser rangefinders, barcode scanners, camera’s, etc., all in one compact and ruggedized platform, with long lasting, field-swappable batteries and screens that hold up to the sunlight and extreme weather conditions. No need to Bluetooth devices or add additional attachments here! Just one device, perfectly fit for the job. Accepts all Trimble and third party software platforms compatible with Android and Windows operating systems.


While each of these solutions has its advantages, the best choice for your mapping needs will depend on your priorities and applications. CSDS is dedicated to providing the best value, support and training available for your mapping needs – since 1986.