Construction Positioning

Construction Positioning

We help our customers efficiently capture and layout data in all dimensions – to produce the precise deliverables that their clients and projects demand.

Whatever your requirement, we have solutions to ensure your success.

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Fast, accurate laser scanning for high-speed collection of 3D data.

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3D laser scanning office software suite designed for point cloud processing and analysis.

“Hallsten Corporation manufactures flat aluminum covers that require very accurate field dimensions of the existing tanks that will be covered. Prior to purchasing our laser scanner, we would have to send survey crews of 2-3 employees across the country in order to get an accurate survey. With the training and support we received from CSDS, not only can we now accomplish those same surveys with just one employee, but we are able to survey extremely complex tanks with a greater level of accuracy than we ever could before.”

Ron Kuehne, PE
Vice President, Engineering
Hallsten Corporation

Providing Data for AEC Pros

CSDS provide top quality surveying products and supportConstruction Positioning puts building projects on a firm foundation

Construction Positioning technology can both precisely layout and capture data that project teams need at every stage of the building and remodel process.

However, coming onto or off the construction site with the right information – and processing the data on the back-end – requires the proper tools, advanced training and real-world experience. That’s where our Construction Positioning professionals come in.

“There’s definitely a learning curve, particularly in construction layout and 3D scanning, so in almost every case there’s some follow-up training and support that’s needed,” says Travis Avampato, Construction Positioning Technology Consultant. “We focus on identifying problems or inefficiencies and solving them with the proper technology.”

For example, construction layout or 3D scanning can take place while a building is under construction, monitoring everything from the concrete pour to location of pipes and structure and laying out wall, column or anchor points on decks as soon as they are cleared. Or an existing building may be scanned or as-builted with a robotic total station prior to remodel. Either way, the latest Construction Positioning technology captures from hundreds of points per day – to millions of measurements per second to layout new construction or document the conditions as they actually exist.

Our Construction Positioning team works with customers to find the perfect combination of hardware, training, and support needed to tackle any job. Our team can also act as consultants, performing the 3D scans and processing the data on behalf of the customer upon request.

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