Trimble RealWorks

A Powerful 3D Laser Scanning Office Software Suite

Trimble RealWorks

Trimble RealWorks is designed for point cloud processing and analysis. The software provides a complete solution to register, analyze, model and create deliverables using data from virtually any source.

Key Features

This comprehensive, industry-leading point cloud processing and production software allows the user to visualize and extract compelling deliverables from 3D data.

Trimble RealWorks allows you to:

  • Manage, process and analyze large datasets.
  • Perform smart measurement – semi-auto clearance, projected vertical and horizontal.
  • Communicate your results via video generation and Google Earth export (kml format).
  • Perform automatic registration with or without targets.
  • Quickly check the quality of the targets.
  • Generate registration reports.
  • Easily export to the CAD design package of your choice.
  • Publish self-contained project packages for standalone viewing, exploration, measuring and annotating.

How It Works

Trimble RealWorks supports a broad range of workflows so you can edit, process, and adjust data collected with your 3D laser scanning instruments with efficiency and confidence.

The software supports everything from standard data management tasks to advanced 3D deliverables and inspection. In between, Trimble RealWorks offers flexible options for common tasks such as data registration. For example, you can auto-extract targets or use advanced registration techniques, such as target-less registration.

With RealWorks, you can create many types of intermediate or final deliverables, including cross sections, meshes, contours, volumes, line work, ortho-photos and 3D CAD models. The advanced inspection tools in Trimble RealWorks for ideal for monitoring applications such as roads, bridges and mining – allowing you to compare as-built to design, pre-event to post-event, and more.

With the Publisher feature, you can publish a project for viewing in Internet Explorer. The published project generates a 2.5D view with the ability to take measurements and annotations. Images, video and links to other documents or websites may also be included, and you decide whether to allow the recipient to extract data from the project.

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