Foster Farms: Upgrading and expanding its facilities

A long-time client of CSDS, Foster Farms’ sustained success creates an ongoing need to upgrade and expand its facilities.

Client Challenge

Longtime client Foster Farms needed to upgrade and expand its facilities in Livingston, California to keep pace with sustained growth. But the construction process posed its own set of challenges: how to document every step of the building cycle, from planning and construction through ongoing maintenance.

CSDS Solution: 3D Scanners

Based on our analysis and recommendation, the construction team purchased precision 3D scanners to create accurate measurements of the building and its infrastructure. CSDS also provided training and workflow consulting to make sure the project ran smoothly.

Later, when Foster Farms decided to purchase an HP PageWide printer from CSDS, the 3D scanners came into play again. Foster Farms wasn’t sure that the wide-format printer would fit through a doorway, but a 3D scan showed how it was possible.

The Result

We literally saved 700% in the first year when we purchased our 3D scanner with CSDS. They helped us choose the right technology and trained us on workflows to get our work done quickly and accurately.

“We capture huge volumes of data with the technology,” said Bryan Wiemers, Senior Project Designer. “We’re able to forgo steps that used to devour our time or generate extensive costs when outsourcing measurements. We now create dead-on accurate 3D documents faster than we ever imagined.”


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