Delair UX5 HP Aerial Imaging Rover

Professional UAV for Surveying, Monitoring and Inspection


The Delair UX5 HP is a professional aerial mapping system designed to capture the highest image accuracy for survey applications without ground control.

Four key features differentiate the UX5 HP from other professional drone models. They include:

Leading image acquisition quality and data accuracy delivered by a high performance Trimble GNSS receiver with PPK GNSS technology and a 36 Mpix full frame camera.

Field readiness and operational performance: All weather performance and all-terrain technology allow this UAV to hold up to intensive use. And, it’s ready to deploy in 5 minutes.

Landings – less space, more accuracy: With reverse thrust for precise landings in confined spaces for landing, users can have confidence in the UX5 HP’s landing capabilities, every time.

Accessible technology & intuitive workflow is made easy with Trimble Business Center and/or Delair Stack data processing software.

Key Applications

• Mapping

• Topographic Surveys

• Infrastructure Inspection

• Vegetation Monitoring

• Anomaly Detection

• Research (Geology, Archaeology)

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