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Make the most challenging scene reachable with Trimble Forensics

You may be the forensics data expert in your department, but what happens when you’re not around to save the day? Is your Forensics data capture and processing workflow user-friendly enough for everyone on your team?

The challenge today is to improve the speed and safety of your investigations. With an integrated solution, your organization can handle evidence seamlessly from the field, to the office and all the way to the courtroom.

  • Trimble Capture: field software made specifically for forensics professionals:
  • Trimble R4sLE: an affordable, easy to use centimeter-grade GPS receiver
  • Focus 35: your budget-friendly introduction to robotic total station technology
  • Trimble S7: the flagship robotic total station (used by both CHP & CalTrans)
  • The NEW Trimble X7: the most intuitive and affordable 3D scanner available
  • Trimble SX10: our revolutionary 3D scanning & imaging robotic total station
  • Trimble Reveal: the new standard in 3D Forensics diagramming software

Taken as a whole, these solutions will help you shorten the learning curve for your Forensics department, while ensuring the safety, efficiency and accuracy of your forensic investigations.

Discover the Power of Trimble Capture Field Software

You’re probably asking yourself, “What makes Trimble Capture any easier to use than any other data collection software out there?”

The truth is, the Trimble Forensics suite is the only platform software specifically designed for, tested by, and made for forensic professionals.

The user interface speaks the same language you do.

No unnecessary buttons to press or complex surveying terminology to understand: everything you see is directly relevant to Forensics data collection workflows. In other words, practically anyone on your team could pick it up and get right to work.

Isn’t that a relief?

As the starting point of your data collection activities, Trimble Capture makes downstream activities more organized: you can easily integrate positioning data from Trimble’s flagship total stations, GNSS receivers and 3D scanners with Trimble Reveal office software to create precise, compelling 3D diagrams for the courtroom.

Because of all this, there’s a high likelihood that the Trimble Forensics workflow is a lot more efficient than anything you’ve ever seen before.

What’s been your experience with Forensics office software?


Affordable Robotics

If you thought that robotic total station technology would break your budget, think again. The Focus 35 comes from the quality you’d expect from Spectra Geospatial (a Trimble company), at a price that can easily justify your gains in safety, efficiency and accuracy on any scene.

A key benefit of robotic total station technology is that it only requires one person to operate – freeing up key personnel for other vital tasks on crime, fire or accident scenes.

Combined with Trimble Capture data collection and Reveal 3D diagramming software, even the smallest forensics investigation teams can be empowered to take control over the most demanding scenes.

Is your organization ready to leave tape measures, mechanical total stations or sketchbooks behind?

Focus 35-600px-final

Budget-friendly GPS

Being an Accident Reconstruction professional means that you’re likely to be working in bad weather from time to time.

If you were to encounter low-visibility conditions on a scene due to dense fog or rain, optical instrumentation like total stations or 3D scanners would be rendered useless.

That’s where your GPS receiver comes in: it’s your all-weather solution for collecting data outdoors.

For affordable, intuitive centimeter-grade accuracy on virtually any outdoor scene, the Trimble R4sLE GPS receiver integrates seamlessly with the Trimble Capture field software – to combine easy data collection from Trimble’s entire line of Forensics data collection instrumentation in Reveal 3D diagramming software.


Flagship Robotics used by CHP and Caltrans

While the Focus 35 represents affordability, the Trimble S7 is all about performance:

It’s no wonder that this solution is trusted by some of the largest  and most respected agencies in California, from CHP Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Teams (MAIT) to CalTrans land surveyors and many law enforcement agencies in between.

Trimble VISION technology provides a built-in camera for scene documentation, photogrammetric measurements and video robotic control. Trimble DR Plus reflectorless tech provides long range and superior accuracy.

Choose from a variety of Trimble controllers to run the feature rich, intuitive Trimble Capture field software with streamlined workflows that can also be customized to fit your needs.

Back in the office, Trimble Reveal software helps you to intuitively process and diagram your field data to help you generate industry-leading deliverables.


Breakthrough 3D Scanning

It’s never been easier to break through the typical barriers to 3D scanning: the Trimble X7 doesn’t require any scanning expertise to operate, and does not require annual adjustments or calibrations: saving you a ton of time and money.

This compact, lightweight package provides incredible ease of use, opening the door for more Forensics professionals to confidently capture and deliver more precise and detailed 3D data on virtually any accident, fire or crime scene.

With the industry’s first automatic calibration, the X7 reduces downtime and eliminates annual service costs which can typically be in the neighborhood of $8,000/year.

Not only does it reduce setup time with the industry’s first survey-grade self-leveling technology, it also reduces office processing time with automatic in-field registration so that you can leave the site with confidence in your data.

At just 12.7 lbs, the X7 is significantly lighter than most scanners on the market and can be carried with a tripod in a manageable, soft-sided backpack instead of a bulkier hard case. As a guarantee of its toughness, it also comes with an industry-leading two-year warranty.

No matter the conditions are, the Trimble X7 is ready to work when the call comes in!


Revolutionary 3D Scanning & Imaging

When we talk about setting a new standard in technology, the Trimble SX10 is the embodiment of what we mean.

As our flagship geospatial solution, the SX10’s versatility saves you time on every job by allowing you to capture exactly what you need, from traditional diagram mapping, to high-resolution site imagery and 3D scanning: all in one instrument.

The SX10 enables you to consolidate all of your precision measurement needs into just one solution, replacing the typical complexity of 3D Scanning with familiar Survey workflows that enable your teams to get up and running quickly with no previous scanning expertise.

The question isn’t whether or not you want it – it’s whether or not your organization is ready to unleash its full potential in fire, crime or accident scene investigation.

Trimble SX10-600p-final

The new standard in Forensics Diagramming

Accurate Forensics data makes your evidence reliable and your presentations convincing.

If evidence is the key to your success, then why wouldn’t you choose the best possible solution for presenting it?

Trimble Reveal represents the new standard in 3D Forensics diagramming, with a user-friendly interface that’s backed by powerful, industry-focused tools.

It’s very straightforward: use the data collected from your Trimble robotics, GPS and/or 3D scanning solutions in order to prepare precise, compelling presentations for the courtroom.

Use diagrams and animations to clearly, concisely, and accurately tell the story of what happened in both 2D and 3D. Document each piece of evidence along with all of its details with the help of a user interface speaks the same language you do.

Now that you know, come see it for yourself!

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