HP Pagewide XL Printer

HP Pagewide XL

If you’re looking for greater printing speed and volume than ever before, Hewlett-Packard PageWide XL Printers are the answer.

Did you know that every dollar spent on color printing saves you $4 in the field?

It’s true. Grayscale simply makes errors more likely. “Cut the blue wire” loses all meaning when the schematics are printed in black and white. Color adds clarity. With the H-P PageWide, your firm could save big as you print big.

A few perks of the PageWide:

  • Allows you to choose the most effective printing method for the job.
  • Keeps projects flowing more smoothly, and therefore allowing you to complete more overall.
  • Makes grayscale-related mistakes less likely in the field.

Did you know that every dollar spent on color printing saves you $4 in the field?

The High-Speed Wide-Format Printer You’ve Been Waiting For

If you’re working in color and drawing in color, you should be printing in color. The Hewlett-Packard PageWide Large Format Printer enables you to do so simply and affordably, right in your own office or workspace.

HP Pagewide XL Printer awards

Bringing High Speed and High Volume to Your CAD Applications

When you’ve got a big project on tap – or multiple projects at once – speed and volume become critically important. That’s where the Hewlett-Packard PageWide Large Format Printer comes in, printing at a rate of 30 pages a minute as opposed to other models, which might put out eight or so at best. This allows you to keep your CAD workflow moving quickly, without having to rely on a black-and-white laser printer.

Unfortunately, using grayscale to print projects makes mistakes in the field more likely, and therefore isn’t as desirable. While laser printers and LED printing have traditionally been more affordable, the PageWide enables you to print in full color at prices comparable to traditional laser and LED printing.

Plus, CSDS carries almost every service part that might be needed to fix your printer once it’s installed, right in the service vans. That means even a breakdown won’t stop you for long, keeping workflow going at all times.

How Can the Hewlett-Packard PageWide Large Format Printer Boost Your Profits?

Your high-speed, high-color printing has just become more affordable. Perhaps the biggest benefit of the PageWide is lowering total cost of printing. Because your business most likely already spends a great deal of resources on printing, you’ve likely already got both a color and a black-and-white plotter.

With the PageWide in your office, you can now print in color any time you need, without feeling like you have to conserve. With color printing that’s much closer to the cost of black-and-white, you can consolidate both plotters into one.

This printer was build for high-volume users, which means that if you’re already printing a great deal, it’s perfect for you. The stationary head, clear image and extremely high printing rate mean you’ll get more bang for your buck than from any other printer.

Consolidate your workflows for both color and black and white printing

Do HP PageWide XL Printers Make Sense for You?

Whether or not the PageWide is a good fit for you really comes down to a simple cost-benefit analysis. If you’re already outsourcing a bunch of color, then it probably makes sense to cut costs and print your own, not to mention remove the time you spend waiting for prints to come back. And as aforementioned, it also makes a great deal of sense if you’re losing money in the field due to costly mistakes that easy, affordable access to color printing could fix.

If you’re printing more than 500 square feet per month, this investment most likely makes sense for you. If you’re a reprographer or mechanical engineer, the same is probably true. Anyone who wants high-speed color printing at a low operational cost, in other words, would benefit from the investment.

Speak to a Representative About the Hewlett-Packard PageWide XL Printers Today

If you’re wondering whether a PageWide makes financial sense for your business, it’s time to speak to a representative. They can help you compare your current cost of combined black-and-white and color printing, taking into account any additional expenses such as outsourcing and maintenance, and compare it to your likely costs of owning a PageWide printer.

CSDS offers full support, from helping you make a buying decision, define your workflows, get the ink, paper and maintenance you need to make the most of your investment, and more. We will support you every step of the way, so you’re sure to get exactly what your business requires when you invest in a PageWide.

Think a PageWide printer might be just the solution for your needs?

Call CSDS at (800) 243-1414 to find out more about the capabilities offered by this piece of equipment. We’re also happy to talk about other features as well as pricing. We always want to hear from you and to help you find exactly what you need.