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Things to consider when choosing GNSS Receivers


Trimble’s Mapping solutions are capable of delivering meter to centimeter accuracy. Based on factors such as your organization’s workflow, the requirements of your current projects, and your foreseeable future needs, it may be appropriate to select GNSS receivers and other solutions with the highest accuracy available in order to ensure that your measurements will meet all possible specifications.


Trimble’s Mapping solutions include receivers and handhelds fit for any environment with options including long lasting, field-swappable batteries, rugged form factors and sunlit-readable displays.


For projects that require long periods of time away from power sources, you’ll want to think about the battery capacity of your solution.

Trimble’s all in one solutions have great options available for field workers in remote environments who don’t have easy access to charging stations.

Data Flow

Accuracy is no longer the distinguishing factor between mapping-grade GPS and survey-grade GPS:

It’s now really more about the functionality and workflow of the software.

Of course survey is still survey, and mapping is still mapping, so in most cases a licensed surveyor will be required to verify (sign, seal and deliver) centimeter level accuracy.

But the many Trimble solutions allow for non-surveyors (and surveyors alike) to achieve very high accuracy with an attribute-rich GIS workflow while running GIS software.

Test it out

If you’re unsure about a receiver, feel free to contact one of our MGIS specialists for a demo or rent out a unit to test it out on one of your small jobs.

All-In-One GNSS receivers

All In One solutions combine a handheld data collector with a built-in GNSS receiver. These purpose-built GNSS handhelds with Android and Windows operating systems create a dedicated solution perfectly fit for the task at hand.

These solutions include all the “bells and whistles” such as laser rangefinders, barcode scanners, cameras, etc. all in one compact and ruggedized platform. Their long-lasting field-swappable batteries can last for several hours, making them suitable for outdoor activities that are located far from electric power sources.

Some use transflective liquid-crystal display screens that hold up to bright sunlight and extreme weather conditions. Their rugged, protective cases are often water-resistant as well.

There’s no need to connect to devices via Bluetooth or add additional attachments here! It’s just one device, perfectly fit for professional jobs. These solutions accept all Trimble and third-party software platforms compatible with Android and Windows operating systems.

Trimble Geo 7X GNSS receivers

An end-to-end data collection solution that provides point-and-shoot “remote positioning” for hard-to-reach spots and delivers increased accuracy in unfavorable GNSS conditions. Learn more here.

Trimble Nomad 5 GNSS receivers

The most flexible all-in-one handheld available. Perfect for harsh conditions and environments without access to charging stations. Learn more here.

Trimble TDC150 GNSS receivers

The TDC150 is a high-accuracy, purpose-built handheld solution that works with all Android-compatible data collection apps. It combines an innovative, camera-enabled data collection workflow with a high level of performance in an ergonomic, scalable solution (from meter to cm accuracy). Learn more here.

Trimble TDC600 GNSS receivers

The TDC600 is an all-in-one GNSS data collector and smartphone  with a built-in professional GNSS receiver. It has a large capacity, user replaceable all-day battery. It’s designed for ease-of-use in a wide range of GIS applications, helping you collect and retrieve highly accurate spatial information while staying in touch with the office—all with a single device. Learn more here.

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Trimble GNSS receivers

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) GNSS receivers

BYOD solutions are flexible and interchangeable, allowing the user to choose the device they want to pair to their external GNSS receiver – providing a custom, professional-grade solution on any mobile or desktop platform (i.e. iOS, Android, Windows).

Trimble R1 GNSS receivers

A rugged, compact, lightweight GNSS receiver that provides professional-grade positioning information to any mobile device using Bluetooth connectivity. Learn more here.

Trimble R2 GNSS receivers

A compact, durable high-accuracy GNSS receiver capable of delivering between sub-meter and centimeter positioning accuracy in real-time to any mobile device via a wireless Bluetooth connection, USB cable or Trimble controller. Learn more here.

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Trimble R2

Trimble GNSS receivers

On-Demand GNSS solutions

Trimble Catalyst provides a high-precision mapping service that delivers on-demand “professional-grade positioning” to seasonal and infrequent users who aren’t mapping often enough to justify large up-front investments. With a monthly or even hourly subscription plan, it’s capable of delivering meter to centimeter accuracy right from your phone or tablet (currently only supports Android devices). Simply plug a DA1 antenna into your Android phone or tablet, and you’re in business.

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Trimble Catalyst

Trimble GNSS receivers

Real-time network

What is a VRS Real-Time Network and how do I sign up?

VRS is an array of reference stations that calculate the corrections for your position and send them over a network to the receiver.

This is very much like an RTK survey, only the corrections are coming over a cellular network rather than a radio wave. In fact, many survey-grade workflows utilize the same VRS networks.

Enter the IP address, user name, password and you are ready to collect points without averaging.

Is a VRS Real-Time Network subscription right for you?

The more positions you need to acquire a day, the more it makes sense, and actually SAVES you money!

If you feel that averaging positions is costing you money in your staff’s time (in the field), or you would like to increase the efficiency of your data collection, you should explore the benefits of VRS real time corrections.

CSDS has the largest number of RTN options available in the state. If you’re located in California, contact us today to request a demo with your local MGIS specialist.

If you’re out of state, call your local suppliers to learn how much a Real-Time Network subscription costs, what network you fall in, how much data is transferred and if you can set up your own real-time network. 

Field Software

Trimble’s field software options for Mapping & GIS applications include TerraSync and the more recently released TerraFlex package.

TerraSync enables one-click data capture, dynamic adaptation of data capture forms, customizable user interface and supports centimeter-grade RTK receivers.

TerraFlex is an easy-to-use cloud-based solution that provides you with form templates for an optimal form fulfillment workflow. It works with your existing devices and automatically syncs field data with a central server, streamlining your office operations, driving higher productivity and providing you with cost savings.

Compatibility with ESRI Collector (and other third-party software solutions)

Esri Collector for ArcGIS

Esri Collector for ArcGIS

Trimble’s GNSS receivers are compatible with ESRI Collector.

Trimble® TerraFlex™ Application

Office Software

Trimble’s office software options for Mapping & GIS applications include packages such as Pathfinder Office and the more recently released  Trimble Positions.

Additionally, there’s also the Trimble Connect office platform:

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While each of these solutions has its advantages, the best choice for your mapping needs will depend on your priorities and applications. CSDS has been dedicated to providing the best value, support and training available for your Mapping needs since 1986.

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