Mapping and GIS

Mapping & GIS

We deliver technology to collect and map infrastructure with Geospatial precision.

Let us pair your organization with solutions that seamlessly streamline your field operations and office applications.

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CSDS helps with my department’s productivity and goes above and beyond to educate their customers and college students. I appreciate that they go the extra mile and are always focused on the solution I need to be successful, and not just selling the products they need to push to reach their sales quota. It’s all about the solution that works best for the customer, not cost or brand.

Paul Veisze
California State Parks

Meeting Today’s Geospatial Needs

Mapping Division

We help customers map all kinds of infrastructure

Our Mapping team helps customers collect GNSS data on critical infrastructure such as Oil/Gas, Water/Wastewater, Electric, Cellular and more.

Assets are collected (mapped) with high accuracy, relevant attribute information is added, and then the information rich spatial data is managed and maintained with GIS software.

Government agencies, private contractors, engineers, universities, and other organizations often need accurate information about everything from city infrastructure to native habitats. Points, lines, and polygons; where are they located? What is their condition, extent, size, make, model, ID number? Are there photos that can be associated with the data? When do they need to be maintained or repaired?

That’s where our Mapping division comes in. Working with city, state and federal agencies – environmental and civil engineers – educators and scientists, our experienced team creates mapping-grade solutions that fit needs of our customers. They include Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) hardware and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software to manage the attribute-rich data.

“When a surveyor goes out, his primary concern is getting a super-accurate position,” says Mapping Manager Scott Herbert. “But on the mapping side, we’re not just recording an accurate location. We’re also collecting all kinds of attribute information – even photos – and feeding it all into GIS software. A mapping-grade GPS/GNSS system goes hand-in-hand with GIS, and all of that information really fuels the decision-making process.”

With a degree in Geography and GIS from Chico State University, Herbert leads a team of three, who all have degrees in GIS, geography/geology and related fields. Their knowledge and real-world experience make the difference for any customer with precision mapping needs.

Our Mapping team covers the entire State of California, so regardless of where you reside we have a dedicated local rep covering your area!

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Mapping Division


Scott Herbert

Mapping & GIS Sales Manager
B.S., Geography/GIS

Tony Bechtold

Mapping & GIS Sales
B.S., Business/GIS

Jon Gipson

Mapping & GIS Sales
B.S., Geology/GIS

Brett Taylor

Mapping & GIS Sales

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