Trimble eCognition Software for Image Analysis

Get the most out of your map data

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With eCognition software, the power of automated map feature creation and analysis is at your fingertips. Transform image data into actionable intelligence for multiple applications.


Features of Trimble eCognition software

  • Agriculture monitoring and precision farming
  • Rapid, precise, large-scale forest analysis
  • More accurate taxation, more effective transportation and better infrastructure design
  • Automated classification and quantification for landcover projects
  • Change detection analysis


The eCognition Suite offers three different components which can be used stand-alone or in combination to solve even the most challenging image analysis tasks: Developer, Architect and Server.

  • Developer creates rulesets.
  • Architect calibrates and executes the ruleware, enabling non-technical professionals to leverage eCognition technology.
  • Server enables the automatic processing of large datasets.


Combine data from aerial photography, stereo imagery, LiDAR, satellite imagery, cadastral vector layers, radar, GIS, hyper-spectral, multi-spectral data.


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