Six Week Series Starting Oct 15th – Basic Geospatial Concepts


Date & Time: Every Thursday from October 15th – November 19th, 6:30-8:30 pm
Location: CSDS Sacramento
Instructor: John Adam, Licensed Land Surveyor
Cost: $350 per student, limit 12 students per course.
Ideal for: Anybody working with modern geospatial (mapping & surveying) hardware & software.

All course material & light refreshments will be provided.
Students must bring their own calculator.

  • This course will provide a basic history of geodesy including measurement techniques, coordinate systems, ellipsoids, and datums.
  • Modern geodetic and Cartesian coordinate systems, as well as the differences between grid and ground coordinate systems.
  • The creation of the United States Public Lands Surveying System and the breakdown of the Township and Sections.
  • The elements of NGS Data Sheets will be discussed along with the web links to help navigate the NGS sites.
  • The Lambert Conic Conformal Projection will be broken down into elements for ease of understanding, making simple work of manual computations to convert geodetic to grid coordinates.
  • The Polynomial methods for computing a Combined Ellipsoid Factor will also be presented.
  • Work Sheets, Projection Tables and handout materials will also be included.


Oct 15:
Oct 22:
Oct 29:
Nov 5:
Nov 12:
Nov 19:
History of Measurement – Foundation of a Coordinate System
Building a Coordinate System – Height
Two Coordinate Systems – The Rectangular System
NGS Data Sheet Review – Conversion Triangle; Basic California Coordinate System and Legal Basis
Geodetic to Grid Conversion – Grid to Geodetic Conversion
Scale Factor – Zone to Zone Transformation; Final Review

All remaining proceeds from this non-profit program will go toward supporting local geospatial industry associations.

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