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The SECO Bipod Leg Clip 5217-30 can be secured firmly to the base of antenna poles or prisms with an outside diameter of 1.25" (32mm). You can then take a bipod, snap the legs into the two open clips, and remove easily when it's time to move on.

Weighing just 0.04lb (0.02kg) the SECO 5217-30 Bipod Leg Clip is easy to store and transport, and with a thumb screw clasp, transitioning between multiple measuring tasks is more convenient.

Buy a SECO Bipod Leg Clip 5217-30 for use on a wide range of SECO Thumb Release, Quick Release, Quick Lever, Invar Rod and Leveling Rod Bipods.

Brand Seco
Product Type Clamps
Quantity Each
Brand Seco