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Rite in the Rain 312 Loose Leaf

Model #312 | SKU #505675

2 available

The Rite in the Rain 312 Loose Leaf Paper offers a weatherproof and durable solution tailored for outdoor and industrial environments. Engineered with specialized materials, this paper is designed to resist smudging, smearing, and moisture exposure, ensuring your notes stay clear and legible. It accommodates various writing instruments and provides convenient hole punches for easy integration into Rite in the Rain Binders.

Key Features:

Water-Resistant Durability:

  • Crafted from water-resistant paper, this product excels in harsh outdoor and industrial settings.
  • Resistant to moisture, it guarantees that your notes remain intact even in wet conditions.

Level Pattern for Precision:

  • Featuring a level pattern, this paper is ideal for precision tasks, such as surveying, engineering, and construction.
  • The pattern enhances the accuracy of your drawings and notes.

Smudge and Smear Resistance:

  • This paper's specially formulated material prevents smudging and smearing when exposed to moisture.
  • It allows for crisp and clear notations, whether you're using pencils or pens.

Universal Writing Compatibility:

  • You can use any writing instrument, be it pencils or pens, without compromising the quality of your notes.

Binder Compatibility:

  • Equipped with a 6-hole punch system, this paper effortlessly fits into Rite in the Rain Binders.
  • This feature streamlines organization and customization of your notes, making retrieval and reference a breeze.

Durable and Portable:

  • Built to withstand tough conditions, this paper is as durable as it is portable, perfect for on-the-go note-taking.
  • Its versatility ensures it suits any note-taking or sketching task, making it a valuable tool in various applications.


  • Surveying
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • And any scenario that demands reliable outdoor note-taking.

The Rite in the Rain 312 Loose Leaf Paper is your steadfast companion for precision note-taking in challenging environments. Its water-resistant, smudge-resistant, and binder-compatible features make it a practical choice for professionals in various fields. Count on Rite in the Rain for quality and performance in every note you take.

Product Type Field Books
Number of Pages 100
Quantity Each
Measurement Graduations Field
Material Type All Weather
Diameter 4 5/8" x 7"
Colour White
Brand Rite in the Rain
Product Type Book