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Rite in the Rain 350F Bound Book Fabrikoid Cover 4.75x7

Model #350F | SKU #505683

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The Rite in the Rain 350F Bound Book is a reliable and durable solution for recording information in demanding field conditions. With its Fabrikoid cover, wire-o binding, and compact size, this bound book offers exceptional performance, protection, and convenience for data recording.


Key Features


Number of Pages: The bound book contains 100 pages, providing ample space for recording data and notes.

Colour: The book features a vibrant yellow color, ensuring high visibility and easy identification.

Brand: Rite in the Rain is a trusted brand known for producing weather-resistant writing materials.

Product Type: This bound book falls under the book category, offering comprehensive and organized data recording.

Binding and Construction


Binding Style: The book features a wire-o binding, allowing for easy flipping of pages and a flat writing surface.

Rust-Resistant Properties: The wire-o binding is designed to be rust-resistant, ensuring durability and longevity.

Rounded Corners: The book is finished with rounded corners, providing a sleek and professional appearance.

All-Weather Paper and Universal Page Pattern


All-Weather Paper: The bound book is equipped with all-weather paper, enabling it to withstand exposure to rain, sweat, oils, and other elements. This ensures that your data and notes remain intact even in challenging outdoor conditions.

Universal Page Pattern: The pages feature a universal pattern, offering versatility for various data recording and note-taking needs.

Ink Color and Additional Features


Ink Color: The book includes blue ink color, providing contrast for clear and legible writing.

Numbered Pages: The pages are not numbered, allowing for flexible organization and customization.

Table of Contents: The book features a table of contents, enabling easy navigation and quick reference.

The Rite in the Rain 350F Bound Book Fabrikoid Cover 4.75x7 is an essential tool for professionals who require a durable and organized solution for field data recording. With its 100 pages, Fabrikoid cover, wire-o binding, all-weather paper, universal page pattern, and additional features such as rounded corners, blue ink, and a table of contents, this bound book ensures reliable performance and efficient data recording. Trust Rite in the Rain to provide you with a high-quality and dependable solution for your field recording needs.

Product Type Field Books
Number of Pages 100
Quantity Each
Measurement Graduations Field
Material Type All Weather
Diameter 4.75" x 7.5" x .625"
Colour Yellow
Brand Rite in the Rain