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Rite in the Rain Copier Paper White 200 Sheets 11x17in

Model #8517 | SKU #505704

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The Rite in the Rain Copier Paper in White is a high-quality paper designed for use in copiers. With its durable construction and all-weather capabilities, this paper ensures reliable performance in any environment. Whether you're working outdoors or in challenging conditions, the Rite in the Rain Copier Paper enables you to work efficiently and produce exceptional results.


Key Features


Number of Pages: The pack includes 200 sheets, providing a generous supply for your copying needs.

Colour: The copier paper is crisp white in color, offering excellent contrast for clear and legible copies.

Brand: Rite in the Rain is a trusted brand known for producing weather-resistant writing materials.

Product Type: This copier paper falls under the paper category, providing a reliable solution for your printing requirements.

All-Weather Durability


Designed for Any Weather Condition: The Rite in the Rain Copier Paper is specifically designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring your copies remain intact and readable even in challenging environments.

Reliable Performance: This paper enables you to work efficiently and confidently, regardless of the weather or environmental factors.

High-Quality Construction


Bond Weight: The copier paper has a 20# bond weight, ensuring its durability and resistance to tearing or wrinkling.

Recyclable and Environmentally Friendly: The paper is made from wood-based materials and is completely recyclable, promoting sustainable practices.

Versatile Printing Compatibility


Compatibility: The copier paper is suitable for use in copiers and laser printers, allowing you to copy or laser print on both sides for maximum efficiency.

Not for Inkjet Printers: Please note that the copier paper is not suitable for use with inkjet printers.

Number of Pages 200
Quantity each
Measurement Graduations Field
Material Type All Weather
Diameter 11" x 17"
Colour White
Brand Rite in the Rain
Product Type Paper