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Rite in the Rain Duracopy - Laser/Copier Paper

Model #6511 | SKU #519399

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The ITEM N° 6511 DURACOPY WATERPROOF PRINTER SHEETS are designed to provide a reliable and waterproof solution for all your printing needs. These sheets offer exceptional durability and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Key Features:

High-Quality Printing Sheets:

  • These printer sheets are white in color and measure 8.5" x 11", providing a standard size for compatibility with most printers.
  • Constructed from 4.7 mil. 100% waterproof synthetic material, these sheets are exceptionally durable and resistant to tears.

Versatile Construction:

  • The waterproof synthetic sheets can be cut, punched, and perforated to meet your specific printing and organizational requirements.
  • Designed to fit perfectly into Rite in the Rain Storage Desks, ensuring easy storage and access to your printed materials.

Printing Compatibility:

  • These sheets are compatible with both photo and laser printing on both sides, offering flexibility in your printing options.
  • Please note that they are not suitable for use with inkjet printers.

Environmentally Responsible:

  • These sheets are recyclable and can be accepted at facilities that handle '1-PET' classification materials, contributing to eco-friendly printing practices.

Additional Benefits:

  • Unlike some synthetic sheets, these won't melt or collect a static charge in your printer.
  • Toner adheres effectively to the surface, preventing issues like rubbing or washing off.

Identification and Packaging:

  • Each pack contains 100 sheets, providing a substantial supply for your printing needs.
  • The sheets are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and come with an ITEM NO: 6511 for easy identification.

The ITEM N° 6511 DURACOPY WATERPROOF PRINTER SHEETS offer a dependable and waterproof solution for all your printing requirements. Whether you're working in wet environments or need robust and tear-resistant printed materials, these sheets deliver on both durability and print quality. Invest in these versatile printer sheets for your professional and personal printing needs, and enjoy the benefits of waterproof, high-quality printing.

Number of Pages 100
Quantity Each
Material Type 100% waterproof synthetic sheets
Diameter 8.5" x 11"
Colour White
Brand Rite in the Rain
Product Type Paper