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Rite in the Rain Stapled Notebook - Field Flex - Journal - Yellow - 3Pack (391FX)

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The Rite in the Rain Stapled Notebook is a reliable tool for recording data in demanding field conditions. This pack includes three notebooks, each containing 48 pages. With its Field-flex material, vibrant yellow color, and journal layout, this notebook offers durability, visibility, and organization for a variety of outdoor applications.


Key Features


Number of Pages: Each notebook in the pack consists of 48 pages, providing ample space for data recording.

Quantity: This pack includes three notebooks, offering convenience and value for your note-taking needs.

Material Type: The notebooks are made with Field-flex material, providing durability and flexibility for rugged outdoor use.

Colour: The notebooks feature a vibrant yellow color, enhancing visibility in various lighting conditions.

Brand: Rite in the Rain is a trusted brand known for producing weather-resistant writing materials.

Product Type: These notebooks belong to the notebook category, providing a compact and portable solution for data recording.

Durable and Weather-Resistant Construction


Field Flex Material: The notebooks are constructed with Field-flex material, offering resistance against tears, moisture, and other environmental elements.

Rugged Design: Designed for field use, these notebooks are built to withstand challenging outdoor conditions.

Weather-Resistant Paper: The pages of the notebooks are specially formulated to be resistant to water, sweat, oils, grease, and mud, allowing for reliable data recording in various environments.

Journal Layout for Organized Data Recording


Journal Pattern: The pages feature a journal layout, providing a versatile and organized format for data recording, note-taking, and sketches.

The Rite in the Rain Stapled Notebook 3Pack (391FX) in yellow is the ideal companion for professionals who require durable and weather-resistant notebooks for field data recording. With their Field-flex material, ample pages, and journal layout, these notebooks ensure reliable data recording, note-taking, and organization in demanding outdoor conditions. Trust Rite in the Rain to deliver a high-quality solution for your note-taking needs.

Product Type Field Books
Number of Pages 48
Quantity Each (3 pack)
Measurement Graduations Field
Material Type Field-flex
Diameter 4-5/8 x 7″
Colour Yellow
Brand Rite in the Rain