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Trimble T7/TSC7/Ranger 7 Rechargeable Battery (2 Pack)

Model #121320-01-1 | SKU #566531

11 available

Two lithium-ion rechargable batteries compatible with the Trimble TSC7, Trimble T7, and Spectra Ranger 7.
The batteries are sealed from water and dust, and are tested for protection from drops from heights up to 1.22m.
Press the button on the battery to check the battery charge level. You can check the charge level of the battery either when the battery is inserted in the device, or when it is not inserted in the device.

The LEDs on the battery will show one of the following:
No LEDs are lit: < 4 %
1 LED is lit: 25 %
2 LEDs are lit: 50 %
3 LEDs are lit: 75 %
All LEDs are lit: 100 %

Brand Trimble
Product Type Battery