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Spectra Precision SP60/SP85 UHF Radio Kit 410-470MHz 2WTRX

Model #92673-10 | SKU #500820

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The UHF Kit gives you the option to outfit the SP60 and SP85 GNSS Receivers with an internal radio to turn them into a standalone, radio-based RTK base/rover system. This gives you full control over where and when to install and operate the receivers.

Please note that you will need two UHF kits to implement a complete radio-based RTK base/rover system. One kit for the base side and the other on the rover side. You will also need two UHF whip antennas – one for the base and one for the rover.

When used with a UHF Kit, your receiver is recommended to be powered with an external 12-V battery with a higher capacity, especially if it’s going to be used for extended hours without interruption.

Quantity Each
Brand Spectra Precision
Dimensions 21.75 x 7.5 x 19 cm
Weight 5.57 lb
Product Type Radio Kit