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Radiodetection Transmitter Clamp 4" (100mm)

Model #10/TX-CLAMP-4 | SKU #527295

2 available


The Radiodetection Transmitter Clamp 4" (100mm) (10/TX-CLAMP-100) is a highly efficient and reliable tool designed to apply a transmitter signal to a specific cable or pipe. This clamp can be utilized in conjunction with the Radiodetection Signal Clamp Extension Rod, enhancing its versatility and usability.


The Transmitter Clamp is compatible with the TX5/TX10 Series Transmitters, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Size Options:

Available in various sizes, including 2" (50mm), 4" (100mm), 5" (130mm), and 8.5" (215mm), allowing users to choose the most suitable size for their specific applications.

Non-Direct Connection:

The clamp proves particularly valuable in scenarios where a direct connection is not feasible or when working with live cables that cannot be de-energized. Its innovative design allows for reliable signal transmission without compromising safety.


The Transmitter Clamp is designed for easy usage, ensuring convenience and efficiency in operation.


Constructed with high-quality materials, this clamp is built to withstand demanding environments and provide long-lasting performance.

Enhanced Signal Application:

By utilizing the Transmitter Clamp, users can precisely apply transmitter signals to cables or pipes, improving detection accuracy and efficiency in locating underground utilities.

Whether you are working in utility locating, construction, or any industry that requires precise signal application, the Radiodetection Transmitter Clamp 4" (100mm) (10/TX-CLAMP-100) is an indispensable tool that offers reliability, versatility, and ease of use.


Brand Radiodetection