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Keson Fiberglass Tape Measure with Hook

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The Keson Fiberglass Tape Measure with Hook is a professional-grade measuring tool designed to provide precision, durability, and ease of use for a wide range of applications. With its robust construction and user-friendly features, this tape measure delivers accurate measurements consistently.

Key Features:

  • Tough Molded Shovel Handle: This tape measure is equipped with a tough, molded shovel handle that is easy to grasp. This handle is specifically designed for rapid reeling, making it ideal for tasks that require quick and efficient measurements.

  • Double PVC Coated Fiberglass Blade: The tape measure features a double PVC-coated fiberglass blade that offers ultimate protection for the tape. This robust coating not only enhances the tape's durability but also guards against wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan.

  • Double-Throat Rollers: Double-throat rollers are incorporated into the design to guide the blade during return and prevent twisting. This feature ensures that the tape remains stable and accurate during measurements, even when extending and retracting.

  • Reinforced Crank Handle: The crank handle used for rewinding the tape is reinforced with metal, providing exceptional durability. This metal reinforcement allows the tape measure to withstand years of rugged use without wear or damage.

  • Improved Blade Axle: The tape measure features an improved blade axle design that helps reduce the risk of breakage due to the weight of the tape if accidentally dropped. This feature enhances the tape measure's overall durability and longevity.

The Keson Fiberglass Tape Measure with Hook 300 ft is a reliable and efficient measuring tool suitable for various professional applications. Whether you need precise measurements for construction, surveying, or other tasks, this tape measure offers the accuracy and reliability required for your projects. Its rugged construction and user-friendly design make it an indispensable asset for professionals in need of dependable measuring tools.

Quantity Each
Measurement Graduations Metric / Imperial
Material Type Fiberglass
Warranty 1 Year
Measurement Range 300 ft
Colour Orange
Brand Keson
Product Type Fiberglass Measuring Tape