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LTI Compact Non-Magnetic Tripod with 1/4 X 20 Ball Head And Bag

Model #7024901 | SKU #521692

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The LTI Compact Non-Magnetic Tripod is a versatile and reliable support system designed to meet the needs of professionals requiring stability and precision in various applications. With its compact design, non-magnetic properties, and included 1/4 X 20 ball head and bag, this tripod is a valuable addition to your equipment.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: The LTI Compact Tripod is engineered with a compact and lightweight design, making it highly portable and easy to transport to job sites or outdoor locations.

  • Non-Magnetic Properties: This tripod is non-magnetic, ensuring that it won't interfere with magnetic-sensitive instruments or equipment used in surveying, geophysics, and other applications where magnetic interference can affect accuracy.

  • 1/4 X 20 Ball Head: The included 1/4 X 20 ball head provides flexibility and allows for smooth and precise adjustments of your equipment, such as laser rangefinders, cameras, or other devices that require stable support.

  • Convenient Bag: The tripod comes with a bag for convenient storage and transportation. The bag protects the tripod during transit and provides an organized way to carry it to different locations.

  • Brand: LTI
  • Product Type: Tripod

Versatile Support System:

The LTI Compact Non-Magnetic Tripod with 1/4 X 20 Ball Head and Bag is a versatile support system suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Surveying: Surveyors rely on stable tripods to ensure the accuracy of their measurements. This tripod provides the support needed for precise surveying tasks.

  • Photography and Videography: Photographers and videographers can use this tripod to achieve stable and consistent shots, enhancing the quality of their work.

  • Geophysics: Geophysicists benefit from the tripod's non-magnetic properties, ensuring that their equipment's measurements are not affected by magnetic interference.

  • Field Work: Whether you're working in the field for research, data collection, or other purposes, this tripod offers a reliable and portable solution for supporting your equipment.

Durability and Convenience:

The LTI Compact Non-Magnetic Tripod is designed to withstand the demands of professional use. Its compact and non-magnetic properties, along with the included 1/4 X 20 ball head and bag, make it a convenient and durable choice for those who require reliable support for their equipment. Trust in the quality and versatility of this tripod to enhance your work and measurements.

Invest in the LTI Compact Non-Magnetic Tripod with 1/4 X 20 Ball Head And Bag to ensure stable and precise support for your equipment, whether you're engaged in surveying, photography, geophysics, or fieldwork. Its compact and non-magnetic design, along with the included accessories, make it a valuable addition to your professional toolkit.

Quantity Each
Material Type Heavy Duty
Tripod Head Ball Head
Warranty 90 Days
Diameter 1/4 X 20
Colour Black
Brand LTI
Product Type Tripod