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ChrisNik Mag Nail 1.5x1/4

Model #130-1080 | SKU #507132

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The ChrisNik Mag Nail 1.5x1/4 is a superior hardened nail that has gained recognition as the preferred nail among surveyors worldwide. With its exceptional durability and reliable performance, this nail is a trusted tool for precise and accurate surveying. Coated with zinc and clear chromate, it offers excellent resistance to corrosion, ensuring its longevity even in challenging environments.

Product Details:

  • Quantity: 1 box of 100 nails
  • Material Type: Steel
  • Brand: ChrisNik
  • Product Type: Nails


  • Hardened construction: The nail is made from high-quality hardened steel, providing exceptional strength and durability for long-lasting use.
  • Zinc and clear chromate coating: The nail has been coated with zinc and clear chromate, offering superior corrosion resistance and protection against rust, extending its lifespan.
  • Precision design: The 1.5x1/4 dimensions of the nail provide an ideal size for surveying applications, allowing for accurate and precise measurements.
  • Versatile functionality: This nail is suitable for a wide range of surveying tasks, including setting markers, securing targets, and establishing reference points.

Quantity 1 BOX OF 100
Material Type Steel
Diameter 1.5x1/4
Colour Zinc Plated ROHS
Brand ChrisNik
Product Type Nails