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CSDS is the U.S. distributor of Seafloor’s bathymetric (hydrographic) surveying solutions.

Seafloor’s solutions carry cutting edge instrumentation, ancillary hardware, and remote survey platforms designed to meet desired budget and data output parameters.

If you are involved in marine construction activities, the building of new bridges or bottom-topography surveys of retention ponds and rivers, CSDS' Seafloor systems include technologies such as echo sounding or sonar with single-beam, multi-beam, or side-scan capabilities.

For the most accurate operation of your Seafloor USV (unmanned surface vehicle), simply combine the system with your existing RTK base station.

bathymetric image

Radar Scan


Bathymetric surveys

Multi-beam surveys

Sub-bottom profiling

Depth of cover surveys

Pipe Locating

Crossing surveys

Asset -inspection

Tailings, brine ponds, reservoirs and borrow pit surveys

Mapping flood plains

Survey control network

Construction planning / layout

Scour / Thalweg surveys

Monitoring surveys / Change detection



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