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 GIS Data Collection

Trimble GIS data collection hardware and software solutions from CSDS bring field operations and office applications together seamlessly in one streamlined workflow.

Whether you’re managing assets, responding to outages or natural disasters, or conducting routine maintenance, Trimble GIS solutions ensure you have current and accurate data for your GIS or asset management system. With the most up-to-date field data, you can be sure you’re making the right decisions when managing your assets and resources.

With leading-edge technology and streamlined workflows, Trimble solutions enhance your productivity by taking all the hassle out of GIS data collection. Trimble is renowned for integrating advanced GNSS technology with rugged field hardware designed to work in all conditions and environments. And it doesn’t stop there: Trimble's software solutions allow you to work directly with your existing GIS data and schemas, providing efficient workflows for productive data collection in the field.

By offering integrated solutions with leading-edge innovation, Trimble ensures premier productivity and return on investment. For all your GIS data collection, maintenance, and asset management needs, you can rely on Trimble for unparalleled accuracy and reliability.


TrimbleTDC6_in right hand_front
Introducing the Trimble TDC6 Data Collector

The advanced, rugged, and featherweight data collector designed for efficient surveying and GIS field data collection workflows.

Small and powerful

Compact and lightweight, with advanced features like additional memory, a more powerful processor and 5G connectivity to accelerate field workflows.

Productive workflows

Supports Trimble Access™ and Trimble TerraFlex® field software workflows, as well as third-party applications, including Esri® ArcGIS® Field Maps.

Cost-effective, future-proof solution

The upgradeable and secure Android OS offers reliable, economical solutions that suit any budget.

Effortless flexibility

The TDC6 supports a variety of Trimble field software, providing users with best optimal performance to their workflows:

  • Trimble TerraFlex® software for GIS workflows
  • Trimble Access™ software for survey workflows
  • Trimble Penmap for Android™ for GIS & survey workflows
  • Trimble SiteVision™ augmented reality system for visualization of data in real world context

The TDC6 is sturdy with an expansive choice of accessories, all intended for advanced user workflows and robotic total station operations.

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