forensics investigators

How Trimble’s SX10 hybrid technology & CSDS’s law enforcement experience provide versatility for forensics investigators

  Free SX10 1-day Rental* *Must have liability insurance and a valid California business. Limited to new customers only. The use of 3D scanning is on the rise among crime and forensics investigators: in a recent POB study, 70% of respondents saw a growth in demand for 3D scanning. One reason for its sudden gain … Read More »

Zeb Revo RT

The Zeb Revo RT is the Ultimate Handheld 3D Scanner

The Zeb Revo RT is a rapid, handheld 3D scanner that captures data as you walk. With a Wi-Fi connection to your smartphone or tablet, it registers your data in real-time as you scan, eliminating the need for post-processing. This can cut your project times in half and allow you to scan and process three-story … Read More »

3d scanning with Trimble TX6

3D Scanning is Coming to Architecture

Ayse Sercan is an architect at Safer DIY Spaces, a small Oakland-based non-profit with an enormous mission: providing shelter to those who wouldn’t normally have it. Knowing how ridiculously expensive Bay Area housing can be, this is a huge deal for the community – it’s literally keeping people from living on the streets. Before 3D … Read More »