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How Trimble’s SX10 hybrid technology & CSDS’s law enforcement experience provide versatility for forensics investigators

  Free SX10 1-day Rental* *Must have liability insurance and a valid California business. Limited to new customers only. The use of 3D scanning is on the rise among crime and forensics investigators: in a recent POB study, 70% of respondents saw a growth in demand for 3D scanning. One reason for its sudden gain … Read More »

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SP20 Success with the City of Woodland

Daniel Hewitt shares his perspective as a GIS Analyst on how the new SP20 data collector from Spectra Precision has simplified his organization’s workflow, instantly making them faster, more accurate and more productive. How has the SP20 made you more productive? Within hours of getting the device in my hand, I was able to setup, … Read More »

3d scanning with Trimble TX6

3D Scanning is Coming to Architecture

Ayse Sercan is an architect at Safer DIY Spaces, a small Oakland-based non-profit with an enormous mission: providing shelter to those who wouldn’t normally have it. Knowing how ridiculously expensive Bay Area housing can be, this is a huge deal for the community – it’s literally keeping people from living on the streets. Before 3D … Read More »