latex printer

10 reasons why Graphics professionals love latex printers

Why would you want a latex printer? When graphics professionals need to promote their businesses, a latex printer is usually the first solution they think of. That’s because latex prints are both eco-friendly and damage-resistant, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Here are the top 10 reasons why graphics professionals love them: … Read More »

the world's most secure PC from HP

How the World’s most secure PC protects your Data

It’s not easy to defend against cybersecurity threats. That’s why 70% of organizations have suffered at least one security breach due to human error. Just last year, several high-profile companies were victims of major cyber attacks, including: Equifax Uber Yahoo! Virgin America Deloitte Etherium Dun & Bradstreet If that weren’t bad enough, the trend is … Read More »

adobe postscript

How Adobe PostScript improves your Printing Quality

What is Adobe PostScript? Adobe PostScript is a programming language that generates page-description-language code. It was first introduced by Adobe Systems in 1985. It revolutionized the desktop publishing and printing industries by allowing users to print any document, text, graphics, images, and color at the highest quality possible – from any computing platform to any … Read More »

wide format printer

4 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Wide-Format Printer

In recent years, much emphasis has been placed on collaboration and the ability that emerging technology gives teams to interact and change the way they work together. This is especially true in the wide format printer industry, where HP has developed a new generation of plotters that not only produce high-quality images at fast speeds, … Read More »

pagewide vs laser

What’s so Special about HP PageWide Inkjet Technology?

If HP PageWide Inkjet technology sounds “new” to you, just know that it’s actually been used to print over 100 billion pages and counting. Here’s why it has become so popular over the years compared to competing technologies like Color LED (Laser): Its color printing speeds are 47% faster than Color LED (up to 30 … Read More »

large format scanner

How large-format scanners make your office more efficient

If you’re an AEC professional, then large format scanning addresses a few special concerns that others outside of the industry may have never thought of: Efficiency: Get rid of clutter and free up office space. Security: Store your information digitally, as part of a disaster preparedness plan. Flexibility: Share information with anyone, anytime and anywhere. … Read More »

HP Latex

Latex vs. Eco-Solvent: 5 Things to Compare Before Buying

As a proponent of its Latex Series printers, we are often asked what one should consider when evaluating latex versus eco-solvent printers. While a number of factors can be considered, we’d like to offer some of the most important ones as shared by Joan Perez Pericot in his article HP Latex vs. Eco-Solvent: 5 Things … Read More »