The importance of Ingress Protection (IP) ratings in determining the reliability of Survey and Mapping Equipment.

Let’s face it, electronics can be expensive. When a purchase is made, one expects longevity from their investment. Longevity can be determined by a number of factors, but often it is the reliability of an instrument or device that determines its usefulness. Many savvy customers rely on the IP (or Ingress Protection) rating system to … Read More »

mapping grade gps

How Do You Define Mapping Grade GPS?

What is mapping grade GPS? This is a question that’s often asked by our customers. Is it defined by the accuracy? The functionality? The hardware? The software? Today, mapping grade GPS or MGIS (mapping and GIS) hardware and software from Trimble is defined by units that can accomplish 2-4 meters accuracy (Juno’s, Nomad’s, YUMA’s) all … Read More »