professional-grade gps receivers

What’s the difference between Recreational and Professional-Grade GPS Receivers?

Why Consider Professional-Grade GPS Receivers? With increasing pressure to accomplish more work for less money, GPS field data collection systems based around inexpensive recreational-grade equipment may initially seem tempting. These products provide features that, at first glance, seem sufficient to do the job with price tags far below professional-grade GPS receivers. Given the large selection … Read More »

Trimble Catalyst

Affordable High-Precision Mapping with Trimble Catalyst

Once upon a time, professional-grade mapping solutions were too expensive for people who weren’t heavily invested in GNSS. Thanks to Trimble Catalyst, infrequent users can now access high-precision mapping solutions at prices that are truly affordable for everybody with on-demand subscription plans.     Trimble Catalyst makes it as easy as 1-2-3 to get centimeter-level … Read More »

Trimble Terraflex

The top 10 reasons to consider Trimble TerraFlex

Although Trimble TerraFlex has been around for over 2 years, many of you may not know about it or realize everything it can do. Trimble has been continually improving and updating TerraFlex functionality and usability for the past few years and TerraFlex is now at a point where it is very refined and highly functional! … Read More »

Trimble R1

The New Trimble R1 GNSS Receiver: Now you can turn your smartphone or tablet into an accurate GPS data collector

In the professional and industrial spheres, we have consistently seen consumer grade devices make their way into everyday use on jobs. Their ease of operability, multitude of applications, and small size has made smartphones, tablets, and small laptops invaluable business tools. Despite their many advantages, applying them to accurate locational data collection has always posed … Read More »