Seafloor Systems Hydrographic survey solutions

Hydrographic (On-Water) Surveying with Seafloor Systems

What do you do when your topo survey meets water? If you’ve ever needed to study water depths in a lake, river, or stream, then hydrographic survey is the way to go. Seafloor Systems has modern, survey-grade, sonar equipment for your on-water data collection needs. As Trimble and Seafloor Systems experts, CSDS provides solutions that … Read More »

From GPS to GNSS: What are the Challenges of Running a GPS Network – now and in the future?

This is part 3 of a 3-part blog. Managing California’s largest commercial GPS network is a huge challenge – now and for the future. In this third and final blog conversation, CSDS President Tom Cardenas and Systems Administrator Ed Morrison talk about the challenges of a network that covers 93,000 square miles in a geography … Read More »

Trimble Feature Code Library download

The Trimble Feature Code Library & TBC

Free  SX10 1-day Rental* *Must have liability insurance and a valid California business. Limited to new customers only. When surveyors collect field data, the objects they’re documenting are known as features. Almost anything could be a feature: a tree, fence, gate, sign, utility pole, or building. Trimble Business Center and the Trimble feature code library … Read More »

export points

How to Export Points by Range in TBC (.csv)

In this video, we show you how to export points by range from Trimble Business Center (TBC) to a CSV file: From the TBC Home tab, click on the Export button Choose the Export format that you’d like to use (ex: “P,N,E,elev,Code” format into a .csv file) To select a range of points, click on Options: … Read More »