Trimble Catalyst

Affordable High-Precision Mapping for Everyone

Trimble Catalyst
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On-demand subscription plans make professional-grade mapping solutions available to infrequent users:

  • Centimeter-level GNSS accuracy available
  • Available on Android phones and tablets

All that’s needed is a Trimble Catalyst app, a Catalyst DA1 antenna and a subscription level. In a way, the payment plan is similar to renting the service while owning the hardware. This arrangement really opens up the door for a whole new segment of users.


While the Catalyst will never be a replacement for higher-level mapping solutions, it’s a great option if you only need to do occasional checks and balances. For example, it’s a convenient tool to outfit all of your trucks with in order to reassess assets out in the field.


The cost of the on-demand service depends on the level of accuracy you need. Your monthly subscription comes with several options including meter, sub-meter, sub-foot, and “precision,” which is at the centimeter level.

Download the datasheet:  Trimble Catalyst

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