Trimble Forensics S7 Package

A bundled hardware/software solution
customized for crash and crime scenes

Trimble Forensics S7 Package

The Trimble Forensics S7 package is a powerful bundle of hardware and software designed to help police investigators handle the toughest information-collection challenges.

For traffic investigators who need to capture data points scattered over a wide area, the Trimble S7 Forensics package includes:

  • Trimble S7 Robotic Total Station, which enables one person to capture crash scene data quickly and efficiently.
  • Trimble TDC100 handheld data collector with the Trimble Forensics Capture app, combines the convenience of a smartphone with the precision of Trimble data collection technology. This enables users to build the majority of the scene in the field, place placards on important points of evidence and attach photos and field notes.
  • Trimble Forensics Reveal, a desktop program designed specifically for law enforcement that downloads data from the TDC100 to create 2D and 3D diagrams and animations of events.
  • Trimble MT1000 Multi-Track Target Prism with battery

For crime scene investigators, a separate package is built around the Trimble SX10, a total station and 3D scanner all in one. This is the solution for police departments that share equipment between traffic and crime divisions.

CSDS backs every Trimble Forensics bundle with personalized training, tech support and service. Additionally, if your equipment is down or being serviced, CSDS has loaner and rental equipment available*. Please contact our rental department at 916.344.0232 x102 for more information.

Features and Benefits

Trimble Forensics reduces disruption, costs, and risk to personnel. It also enables accurate analysis of that data in the office. The end result: information that will hold up in court, and a process that makes the job easier.

Each Trimble Forensics bundle offers the following:

  • Streamlines workflow with an integrated hardware/software solution.
  • Increases speed and accuracy of data collection so officers can clear scenes quickly.
  • Uses standard police language – not surveying terms.

How the Process Works

At CSDS, we believe personal service can make the difference between equipment that ends up as a doorstop, and powerful tools that help police officers close cases.

Former traffic officer Jack Taylor heads the dedicated CSDS Forensics team. He meets with police departments across California to assess their needs and analyze existing workflows.

Finding the right hardware/software for each need is just the beginning. The entire CSDS team works to make the process as easy as possible — including front-end training, implementation assistance, and ongoing service and repair.

Contact us at to find out more about Trimble Forensics.