Trimble R10 GNSS System

Collect More Data Faster and Easier

Download the Trimble R10 GNSS System datasheet


The Trimble R10 GNSS system integrates a wide range of Trimble technology, including the following:

  • Trimble xFill™ provides less downtime in the field, with continuous RTK coverage during connection outages from an RTK base station or VRS network.
  • Trimble CenterPoint™ RTX™ delivers GNSS corrections via satellite or internet connection anywhere in the world for unprecedented speed and accuracy.
  • Trimble HD-GNSS processing engine enables surveyors to measure points more quickly with reduced convergence times and high position reliability.
  • Trimble SurePoint™ fully compensates for pole tilt. Conveniently measure points that were otherwise inaccessible with complete quality assurance.
  • Trimble 360 technology delivers 440-channel satellite tracking, supporting signals from all existing and planned GNSS constellations and augmentation systems.
  • The Trimble R10 GNSS System also integrates with the V10 Imaging Rover and S-Series total station positioning sensors. Pair with Trimble Access and the TSC3 controller, Trimble Tablet, Slate or Trimble CU for the most powerful solution on the market.


The Trimble R10 GNSS system – used with Trimble Access field software and Trimble Business Center office software – allows you to survey previously inaccessible points while reducing field downtime and increasing measurement accuracy.

Built with powerful technologies like Trimble HD-GNSS, Trimble SurePoint™, Trimble CenterPoint™ RTX, and Trimble xFill™, this advanced system gives surveyors a powerful way to increase productivity on every job.

As the smallest and lightest integrated receiver in its class, the Trimble R10 is ergonomically designed for effortless operation. The progressive design incorporates a more stable center of mass at the top of the range pole, while its sleeker, taller profile provides the durability and reliability for which Trimble is known.

The Trimble R10 receiver incorporates a quick-release adaptor for simple and safe removal of the receiver from the range pole. The adaptor also ensures a solid, stable connection between the range pole and receiver.

Using Trimble SurePoint, the system constantly monitors pole tilt and compensates while the point is automatically or manually measured. If a point is measured with pole tilt beyond a user-defined setting, Trimble Access™ software will give an alert and prompt the surveyor to accept or discard the point. Trimble SurePoint even uses the pole tilt as a controlling input. After a point is measured, tilting the pole causes the system to automatically prepare to measure the next point.


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