Trimble R12 GNSS System

Improved GNSS performance

Trimble continues to revolutionize the world of high precision GNSS positioning – not only with application-specific features such as the first GNSS rover with built-in SurePoint™ tilt compensation, magnetometer, eBubble and xFill™ initialization support when the Trimble R10 GNSS was released back in early 2012, but continuing to innovate with features that will improve the overall productivity for all static and RTK GNSS users in 2020 and beyond.

The new R12 GNSS is engineered for improved performance with ground-breaking ProPoint™ GNSS Technology, allowing for:

  • Enhanced RTK performance near tree canopy
  • Robust performance in urban canyon environments
  • Flexible signal management using the largest combinations of GNSS signals
  • More signals, more satellites
  • More than 30% better performance in challenging environments

Making the R12 GNSS the most accurate, reliable and productive GNSS receiver available.

Click below to learn more about the power behind Trimble’s R12 GNSS RTK Technology:

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Trimble R12