Trimble X7 Scanning System

Breakthrough 3D Scanning

It’s never been easier to break through the typical barriers to 3D scanning: the Trimble X7 doesn’t require any scanning expertise to operate, and does not require annual adjustments or calibrations: saving you a ton of time and money.

This compact, lightweight package provides incredible ease of use, opening the door for professionals to confidently capture and deliver more precise and detailed 3D data on virtually any jobsite.

With the industry’s first automatic calibration, the X7 reduces downtime and eliminates annual service costs which can typically be in the neighborhood of $8,000/year.

Not only does it reduce setup time with the industry’s first survey-grade self-leveling technology, it also reduces office processing time with automatic in-field registration so that you can leave the site with confidence in your data.

At just 12.7 lbs, the X7 is significantly lighter than most scanners on the market and can be carried with a tripod in a manageable, soft-sided backpack instead of a bulkier hard case. As a guarantee of its toughness, it also comes with an industry-leading two-year warranty.

Although Trimble 3D scanning is known for delivering the speed, precision and durability that surveying, geospatial and forensics professionals demand in the field, what’s even more important — and often overlooked — are the intuitive workflows and deliverables that it produces for them.

Trimble’s X7 scanning instrumentation with Perspective software presents powerful precision and performance with simple operation so you can break through the barriers between you and 3D scanning:

The Trimble X7 represents unprecedented ease of use:

  • Automatic CalibrationGain complete confidence in every scan with the industry’s first smart calibration system. No targets or user interaction required. No annual cost for recalibration — a potential savings of $8,000!
  • Self-leveling — The industry’s first scanner to automatically level each scan with survey-grade accuracy.
  • Trimble Registration AssistIncrease your field productivity with the industry’s most comprehensive automatic registration.

No matter the conditions are, the Trimble X7 is ready to work when the call comes in!

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Trimble X7 Scanning System

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