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The new GNSS System

Trimble R980

Unlock Peak Accuracy and Productivity

With its proven GNSS performance, the R980 overcomes challenging conditions and excels in remote locations, so you get seamless connectivity and total confidence wherever the job leads you.

With CenterPoint RTX activated!

The R980 comes equipped with a pre-activated Trimble Centerpoint RTX subscription, ready for use for 12 months. This valuable tool in your surveying toolkit expands your options for available GNSS correction methods, allowing you to choose the best solution for the job. When used as a backup correction in the event of RTK connectivity disruption, it maintains centimeter-level precision for uninterrupted work.

Trimble R980
Trimble R980

Everything you need to achieve the highest standards for your work

  • Work reliably in more places
    Trimble ProPoint® positioning engine provides superior performance and productivity in challenging GNSS environments.
  • Survey faster
    Revolutionize the way you survey with Trimble TIP™ technology. Using IMU-powered tilt compensation, you can accurately stake out or measure points without leveling the pole.
  • Access corrections instantly
    Easily access real-time, always-on corrections directly from the field using a suite of enhanced connectivity options, including integrated dual-band (450MHz and 900MHz) radio, and 4G LTE modem.
  • Work anywhere
    With CenterPoint RTX, real-time correction delivered via satellite or the internet, you get RTK-level accuracy anywhere without a local base station or real-time network.

Key specifications

8 mm H/15 mm V

Real-time kinematic precision

RTK +5mm + 0.4mm/° tilt
TIP positioning performance
2 cm H/3 cm V
CenterPoint® RTX precision

Trimble R980 GNSS System

The premium GNSS solution to boost productivity for surveyors.

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